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Apples Unit Study and Badge Resource

Apples Unit Study and Badge Resource

Every fall when school starts up again, apples always come to mind. Use our free Apples Unit Study to earn your Apples badge. Whether you like crisp Granny Smiths or a sweet Golden Delicious, there is an apple for every taste bud. Other badges you may wish to earn alongside include badges such as Baking or Food Preservation.

10 Different Types of Apples

When you talk about apples, people usually only think of their favorite variety or what they see at the grocery store. But there are over 7,500 different types of apples in the world.

To Do: Sample several different types of apples. Using the cards below document the differences in each apple. How do they differ in size and color? Is the fruit crisp or mealy? Is it sweet or tart? How much does each apple cost compared to the other varieties?

To Do: Find out where the apples your tried are typically grown and in what season. Click on the map below to discover the major apple growing regions in the U.S. Find out what apple types are usually grown in each region.

Fulfills preschool requirement #1 and Level 2 requirement #2

Life Cycle of an Apple

Many kids have no real comprehension of where fruits and vegetables come from. Using a spin chart that visually shows how an apple goes all the way from a seed to an apple and back to seeds is a great way to show them how fruit is grown.

To Do: Make an apple lifecycle spinner. Click on the spinner picture above, or visit Preschool Play and Learn for the free printable. (Warning, there are TONS of ads on this site, but they also have some great free materials.)

To Do: Visit an apple orchard and pick your own apples or plant an apple seed and grow your own tree!

Fulfills preschool requirement #2 and optional requirement #4

Apple Crafts

To Do: Make a few apple crafts to decorate your home during apple season. Whether you choose simple crafts like paper crafts in the video above or more advanced crafts like the candle holders below, apple season will soon have you ready for fall.

Fulfills optional requirement #8

Who Was Johnny Appleseed?

John Chapman, otherwise known as Johnny Appleseed, was a 19th-century horticulturist who made great contributions to the westward expansion of the United States. He moved from Massachusetts to Ohio at the beginning of the 19th century and planted apple seeds from Pennsylvania cider presses along the way. Chapman frequently gave free seedlings struggling pioneer. As a result he earned the nickname Johnny Appleseed for his kindness.

To Do: Watch the Johnny Appleseed cartoon from Disney.

Fulfills Level 1 requirement #2

Health Benefits of Apples

Apples provide a range of nutrients that can benefit many different aspects of a person’s health. Apples may help reduce the risk of cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and several other conditions.

  • Apples are about 85% water and contain essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Apples contain pectin, a water soluble fiber found to reduce levels of cholesterol by removing it from the blood stream.
  • Apples are fat free. One medium apple is only about 80 calories.
  • Apples are also cholesterol free and sodium free!
  • Apples are a good source of fiber and vitamin C.
  • Apples contain complex carbohydrates that give you energy faster than eating something high in sugar.

Don’t peel your apple. Two-thirds of the fiber and lots of antioxidants are found in the peel.

To Do: Use the USDA website to compare and contrast the nutritional elements in 5 different types of apples (Fuji, Gala, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith and Red Delicious.) How are they the same and how do they differ? Do this project in conjunction with tasting the apples. Do those that taste sweeter actually have a higher sugar content?

Fulfills Level 3 requirement #3

Apple Recipes

Apples are an amazing versatile fruit when it comes to cooking. They can be used in desserts such as apple pies, in savory dishes like apple chutney, or crisp and raw in a variety of salads and slaws.

To Do: Make at least 3 recipes using apples. One sweet, one savory and one using raw apples. Here are a few examples:

Fulfills Level 4 requirement #2

Apple Myths and Stories

Apples have played an important role in myths and stories for thousands of years. From the Hera’s golden apple tree in Greek mythology to the poisoned apple in Snow White, this simple fruit spans the centuries.

To Do: Read three stories where an apple is a prominent feature. Examples might include:

  • Snow White
  • The Giving Tree
  • The Twelve Labors of Hercules
  • The Story of William Tell
  • Atalanta
  • Isaac Newton and the Falling Apple

Fulfills optional requirement #3

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