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April 2023 Newsletter

Kerry Cordy

A Note From the Founder – Finding Members for Your Troop/Club

Do you lead a Frontier Girls troop or Quest Club? Are you open to the public and looking for new members? I constantly get requests from people looking for troops and clubs in their area. Unfortunately because these troops and clubs are not a part of Curiosity Untamed LLC, I am not legally allowed to give out contact information without permission from the club owners. If you would like your group to be listed on a publicly available page of our website, please email me the following information at

  • City where you meet
  • The contact name of the person in charge
  • Email address or phone number where the contact person can be reached.

While I currently have a troop location page for Frontier Girls, I plan to merge the Frontier Girls troop location page with one for Quest Clubs as well. In many cases groups run both programs simultaneously and this will enable people to see all available groups in one place.

New Badges Posted

Ocean Conservation, Weapons (Specific), Body Part (Specific), Food (Specific)

Kidneys Unit Study and Badge Resources

In honor of the new Body Part (specific) badge, I chose Kidneys as a interesting body part to study and wrote a unit study with resources for working on this badge which can be found in our blog section under Resources.

Have fun learning how your kidneys work with a hands on science experiment that shows how kidneys filter. Make a diagram of the kidney using cake! Learn how to keep your kidneys healthy, track how much water you drink and much more.

Visit our Blog for badge resources on many of your badges whenever you need some quick lesson plans. I am constantly adding more.

Frontier Girls in Action

The girls from Frontier Girls troop 614 have been doing a fantastic job serving their local church community at the weekly fish fry by serving drinks, busing tables and helping elderly folks carry their food trays to the table. They volunteer every Friday during Lent for 2 hours and help serve about 200ppl. Check out the picture above of them in action!! 

Volunteering in your community is a required part of the Frontier Girls program, but it is also highly encouraged for those participating in a Quest Club or Curiosity Untamed as well. Teaching kids to give back is an important part of of building a kind, generous, productive member of society. How do you and your children give back to your community? Email to be featured in the newsletter and give other families ideas on how they can help within their own communities.

Community Service Ideas for April

April is a great month to participate in community service activities or even to organize your own and earn your Make A Difference Award. Here are some ideas:

  1. Earth Day Clean-Up: Earth Day falls on April 22nd, and is a perfect opportunity to organize a clean-up event in your community. Gather a group of volunteers to pick up trash, plant trees or flowers, or take on other environmentally friendly activities.
  2. Volunteer at a Food Bank: April is a great time to volunteer at a food bank or pantry, as many families struggle to make ends meet after the holiday season. Consider organizing a food drive or volunteering your time to help sort and distribute food to those in need.
  3. Animal Shelter Volunteering: Many animal shelters could use extra help in the springtime as the weather warms up and more animals are brought in. Consider volunteering your time to walk dogs, clean cages, or help with adoption events.
  4. Clean up a local park or trail: April is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy nature, and you can help make your local parks and trails more beautiful by organizing a clean-up event. Gather a group of volunteers to pick up trash, remove invasive plants, or take on other projects to improve your community’s natural spaces.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The most important thing is to find a cause that you are passionate about and get involved in a way that makes a meaningful difference in your community.

Earth Day Resources from Leave No Trace

Earth Day is April 22 and learning the principles of Leave No Trace is a great way to celebrate. Earn badges such as Earth Day (Holiday Specific), Leave No Trace, or Zero Waste. Fortunately the Leave No Trace website has TONS of resources and most of them are in the form of free downloadable printables or online courses.

Start with the Parent’s Guide page which will walk you through the seven principles and give you some fun age appropriate resources for teaching your kids how to respect our environment. There is also an entire page of fun activities. One of my favorites is the Big Foot booklet with fun printable games.

The Leave No Trace PEAK Online Course includes videos and activities to help kids (recommended ages 7-12) understand the Seven Principles and how Leave No Trace skills and ethics can help protect the outdoor places we love. When you successfully complete PEAK Online, you will be able to download a digital certificate of completion!

There are also advanced Skills and Ethics booklets for different regions of the United States. Download whichever one fits your area.


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