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Age Levels are as follows:

  • Preschool – Ages 3-5 – Penguin Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 1 – Ages 5-8 – Otter Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 2 – Ages 8-11 – Dolphin Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 3 – Ages 11-14 – Butterfly Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 4 – Ages 14-18 – Eagle Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 5 – Adults 18+ – Owl Level (Frontier Girls)

Balloon Art Badge
(Discover Art)

By Emily Goldenberg

Preschool: Do three requirements including the two starred *

_____1.* Learn about what type of balloons are used in balloon art. What is the difference between art made with round balloons and art made with long thin balloons? Look at pictures of both types of art.

_____2.* Learn how to blow up a balloon and have an adult help you tie it in a knot. Learn to use a small balloon pump the help of an adult.

Level 1: Do four require...

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