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Age Levels are as follows:

  • Preschool – Ages 3-5 – Penguin Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 1 – Ages 5-8 – Otter Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 2 – Ages 8-11 – Dolphin Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 3 – Ages 11-14 – Butterfly Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 4 – Ages 14-18 – Eagle Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 5 – Adults 18+ – Owl Level (Frontier Girls)

Books (Specific) Badge
(Discover Knowledge)

By Kerry Cordy

NOTE: This badge is designed to be adapted to earn a specific badge for any book you wish to read and can be earned as many times as you want.

Preschool: Do three requirements including the two starred *

_____1.* Choose a book to read and learn about. Read it yourself or have it read to you. Every time you come across a word you are not familiar with, write it down and learn the definition. At the end of the book count all your new v...

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