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Age Levels are as follows:

  • Preschool – Ages 3-5 – Penguin Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 1 – Ages 5-8 – Otter Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 2 – Ages 8-11 – Dolphin Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 3 – Ages 11-14 – Butterfly Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 4 – Ages 14-18 – Eagle Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 5 – Adults 18+ – Owl Level (Frontier Girls)

Stitchery Badge
(Discover Art)
(written by Doreen Olson)
               This badge introduces kids to the world of hand stitches. There are many variations on this theme. Kids can earn a general Stitchery Badge first and then go on to specialize with Embroidery, Needlepoint, Cross Stitch, Crewel, and Drawn work Badges as desired OR they may skip the general hand stitching and do a badge in each separate type of stitching. The only thing to watch for is that if you are doing, for example, a ne...

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