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Age Levels are as follows:

  • Preschool – Ages 3-5 – Penguin Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 1 – Ages 5-8 – Otter Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 2 – Ages 8-11 – Dolphin Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 3 – Ages 11-14 – Butterfly Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 4 – Ages 14-18 – Eagle Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 5 – Adults 18+ – Owl Level (Frontier Girls)

Words Badge
(Discover Knowledge)

Written by Charlotte Duke


(You may use any higher level requirement as an optional requirement if appropriate)


Preschool: Do three requirements including the one starred *.


_____ 1*. What are words? How can we use words to communicate? Words help us to express how we feel; what we see; what we are doing; what we are thinking about. Words help us to learn about the world in which we live. Learn a new word. What does it me...

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