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Learn the Art of Calligraphy

Learn the Art of Calligraphy The term calligraphy comes from the Greek ‘Kallos’ meaning beauty and ‘Graphein’ which means to write. The history of calligraphy dates back thousands of years,

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learn about herbs

Learn About Herbs

What Is an Herb? What is an herb and how does it differ from a spice? Learn about herbs and earn your Herbs badge to find out. Several of the

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Snow Lesson Plan

Snow Lesson Plan by Kerry Cordy Every winter in much of the world, snow falls to the ground.  Sometimes it falls in fat fluffy flakes, other times in raging blizzards.

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What Is a Textile?

What Is a Textile? by Kerry Cordy   More than just the clothes we wear, textiles are used for everything from furniture such as couches and mattresses to shelter such

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