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A Note From the Founder – Free Badges!!

In an effort to help get the word out regarding Curiosity Untamed, we are encouraging all members to post pictures of themselves doing various activities while completing badges.  Tell your story.  Explain what you are working on and why you are having fun doing it.  Make sure to make the posts public and use the hashtag #CUbadges so that we can find you.  If we share your post on our social media, I will send you a coupon for 5 free badges.  Help us spread the word!


New Awards Coming – Curiosity Quests!

We have had a demand for inexpensive custom awards for earning certain collections of badges. As a result beginning in March we will be offering Curiosity Quests, where members can go on a quest to earn 10 or more badges of one particular badge type.

Examples of awards we will be offering:

Globetrotter Award:  Earn 10 or more Travel Destination badges
World Explorer Award: Earn 10 or more different country badges
National Explorer Award: earn at least 10 state badges
Space Explorer Award:  Earn 10 or more different space oriented badges
Animal Lover Award:  Earn at least 10 different animal specific badges.
Music Lover Award:  Earn at least 10 different music badges from any of the music category badges
Sports Star Award:  Earn at least 10 different sport specific badges
These are just samples of what we can create.  If you have any ideas you would like to see made into awards, you may fill out our wish list form located HERE.
Awards are large 3″ pins and magnets designed for display.  The 3″ pins can also be converted into a small plaque with a stand.


New Badges Posted

Cheese Badge and Cheese Making Badge








Upcoming Badge of the Week Badges for February







Science Fair Win!!

by Cyndi Lyons

Emilie Lyons (age 9) won 2nd place in the 2020/21 Dayton Homeschool Science Fair. Her project was on the science of Cryptozoology featuring Bigfoot. Emilie has always had an interest in mythical creatures and when she joined Quest Club the first badges she wanted to earn were the ones in that field of Cryptozoology. She has been doing Quest badges solo to learn all she could about Bigfoot. She is currently making a badge for Cryptozoology since there isn’t one in the program. Emilie’s project included information on how to become a scientist in the field of Cryptozoology. She mentions what to study in school and what hobbies you have to like to enjoy that career.  She goes on to her subject of Bigfoot with photos of footprints, nests and other evidence that has convinced some people the creature is living right here in the USA.  She learned how to take casts of prints found in the wild to compare with known creatures and for her demonstration she showed the judges how it is done.

When asked what badges she is working toward now she said, “

 “ I want to earn all the video games, mythology, story telling, ocean stuff , art stuff  and outdoor badges this year. There are a lot of ones that go with the stuff I need to learn to have a job in Cryptozoology but I think I will try to earn as many badges as I can.”

 When Emilie is not looking for information on Bigfoot she can be found at home playing video games,  writing cards to our nation’s veterans , or yelling at people who litter in front of her on nature hikes.

January Badge Resources

For each badge of the week we add a blog post compiling all the resources we posted for each badge.  Click the images below to be taken to the resource blog for that badge.






Pajama Drive Success!

by One Safe Place

A BIG thank you to the youth of Frontier Girls Troop #531 assisted by Frontiersmen Troop #531. The troops were guided by Genesis Jimenez who started the drive for our clients at OSP. Genesis benefited from the services at OSP at one time and knows first hand the comfort of having nice new pajamas to wear. The motto of the Frontier Girls is, “If you see a need, take the lead.” They, with the help of Redding Fashion Alliance, hosted a pajama party and from donated fabric sewed the many different PJs. Kerry Cordy, owner of Curiosity Untamed LLC, organized a drop-off location. Some of the pajamas were purchased and donated as well. A cash donation website was also created that raised $326. Between Genesis, Redding Fashion Alliance, and the women of Arlene & Co. (who sew for orphans in Asia) these groups set out on a Pajama Mission. It truly was a success.




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