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February 2022 Newsletter

Kerry Cordy

A Note From the Founder – Supporting Homeschool Businesses

by Kerry Cordy

Homeschool families frequently operate on tight budgets and there are tons of moms and dads out there that run various online businesses to help support their family. My badge business would never have reached 15 years without the grassroots support of all my wonderful members. I would like to harness that power to help other homeschool families trying to stay in business. Each month I hope to feature one small business or blog run by one of our members. If you own a business or blog and would like to be featured in our newsletter, please email me at If you have an interest in becoming an affiliate for Curiosity Untamed, scroll down to the article on affiliates. Let’s support each other!

Contest Winners

Winners of our 15th Birthday Contests are:

Curiosity Untamed Facebook Contest: Jill Lauder

Curiosity Untamed Review Contest: Miranda Paytes

Frontier Girls Facebook Contest: Sheilla Stransky

Frontier Girls Review Contest: Melissa Foster

Photo Contest: Cathy Goetz 

Congratulations on winning a free 1 year membership!

New Badges

Fruit (specific), Vegetable (specific)

Frontier Girls Feature

by Alice Turnmire

Butterfly Frontier Girl Montana, age 14, sang the National Anthem at the Bull Riders & Outlaws Association’s season opener last month in Blountville Tennessee. Her cowboy escorts (Avean, left, and Bryan, right) always help her into the arena and help her stand to sing since she has cerebral palsy. Montana loves singing, bullride events, and her best friends!! She has been singing publicly since 2018 and for the bull rides since 2019.

Quest Clubs Congratulations

Congratulations to Troop 159 and all the recipients of the President’s Volunteer Service Award for 2021! For those unfamiliar with this award, In 2003, the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation founded the President’s Volunteer Service Award to recognize the important role of volunteers in America’s strength and national identity. This award honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action, too. Eligibility requirements can be found on the AmeriCorps website.

These members logged over 1900 hours in 2021!


  • Bryan Lundquist
  • Ethan Lundquist
  • Christopher Lundquist


  • Katie Lundquist
  • Megan Lundquist
  • Hannah Lundquist
  • Jacob Lundquist
  • Olivia Schoendube
  • Sean Lundquist


  • Sarah Lundquist
  • Alaina Schoendube
  • Isla Schoendube
  • Audrey Lundquist
  • Ella Schoendube

1000 Hours Outside Challenge

One of the wonderful things about homeschooling is the ability to get outdoors. If you have not heard of the 1,000 Hours Outside movement, it has a goal of getting kids outside for 1,000 hours over the course of one year.

*Warning, the ADs on this website are super annoying, but the free printables are awesome. If you stay off the home page it isn’t as bad. My link is to the free trackers page which is what I find most useful.

According to the 1000 Hours Outside website, “The concept at the core of this movement is simple – the amount of time kids spend outside ‘actually matters’, though you may not hear this very often. A childhood flooded with nature time benefits kids (and adults) in untold ways. However, the spirit behind the journey is one of encouragement – not competition. There are often questions about ‘rules’, but the good thing here is that there really aren’t any! 1000 Hours Outside is about striving for engaged time outside, and that looks different from one family to the next. That’s the beauty of nature play; it works for any age and any stage, in any outdoor environment. Remember not to get bogged down on the details. Adjust the goal if you need to. No matter what, we promise you’ll never regret committing to a year filled with making memories outside.”

The website has a variety of tracking sheets to color to keep track of your hours. For extra fun, print one off to track screen hours as well and compare the two. The trackers are designed so that you color one space for each hour. Below is a list of ideas for getting outside more often.

COLD WEATHER – Try to average at least an hour a day during the cold/rainy weather.

  • Build snowmen, go sledding, skiing or snow shoeing
  • Jump in puddles, have gutter races, dance in the rain
  • Animal tracking
  • Do outdoor science experiments like rain collection or ice crystals.
  • Create some winter art such as ice balloons.

WARM WEATHER – During warm weather do as much outside as you can.

  • Use clipboards to bring schoolwork outside.
  • Go on hikes
  • Walk you community. What murals does your town have. What shops have you never explored? What parks do you have?
  • Play sports or wide games like tag.
  • Photograph local flora and fauna.
  • Read under a tree
  • Go on a picnic
  • Eat meals outside
  • Attend fairs and festivals

HOT WEATHER – Do outside activities in the morning or evening when the sun is not as hot.

  • Star gaze
  • Swim
  • Play in the sprinklers or have sponge wars
  • Have an outdoor movie night
  • Go camping
  • Night hike
  • Midnight kayaking (if you local park rangers offer it)

Affiliate Program

Do you have a homeschool blog or homeschool business? Are you a homeschool influencer on social media? If so, we have just launched a brand new affiliate program and would love to work with you. The Curiosity Untamed affiliate program helps homeschool content creators, publishers, bloggers, and social media influencers monetize their traffic. Affiliates use their personalized link to direct their audience to our program and earn a $5 commission on all qualifying memberships purchased through their link.

Think you would make a good partner with Curiosity Untamed? Review our Qualifying Criteria, and Terms and Conditions and then fill out an application. We look forward to working with you.


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