Frontier Girls Member Resources


Frontier Girls Member Resources

If you are new to Frontier Girls, here are a few tips to help you get started quickly.

  1. Frontier Girls is a brand of Curiosity Untamed. All resources how housed on the CU website as many are shared with our Quest Club and Curiosity Untamed programs. Familiarize yourself with the website and make use of the SEARCH bar at the top of each page.  Make sure to read through the FAQ page and the About Us page to fully understand the program.

2. Purchase or make your uniform.  You will need a red vest, white shirt and navy bottoms. On your vest, you will need the following accessories available through our STORE. If you are purchasing your vest through the STORE as well, you can simply purchase a Uniform Kit that will come with everything listed below.

  • Flag patch
  • Troop numeral patches – This will be your Troop # if you are part of a formal troop. If you are a Pioneer (operating as an individual) you are Troop  #100. If you are a Pioneer/Patriot (military family operating as an individual) you are Troop  #911.
  • Level Ribbons
  • Level Tab
  • Membership pin (one free pin comes with each membership or 2 with a family membership – make sure to order the free pins through the shop with your uniform order.)
  • Level Animal Pin

3. Know what level you are and what color/animal represents you.  The animal stories are located both in the handbook as well as in the age level section of the website. Know why you are named after a specific animal. Click HERE to be taken to quick reference sheets for each level.

  • Penguin/Pink – Preschool
  • Otter/Yellow – Grades K-2
  • Dolphin/Blue – Grades 3-5
  • Butterfly/Green – Grades 6-8
  • Eagles/White – Grades 9-12
  • Owl /Grey – Adults
  • Geese/Red – Leaders
  • Starfish/Red – Volunteers (no uniform required)

4. Learn the Frontier Girls Promise and familiarize yourself with our creed.

5. Look through the Badge Areas of Discovery and get familiar with what type of badges we offer and what type of requirements are expected from your level.

6. Look through the Awards offered and what is required to earn them for your level.

7. Click on the Caspio Badge and Award Tracking link under Resources and register for the badge tracking program.  It is best to use the same user name and password as your main membership so that you can remember what it is. Once logged in, you can use the online program to help you track requirements completed for badges and awards. (This program is still under construction, so please email us if you have any problems or suggestions as we continue to add to it and improve its functionality.)

8.The following yearly requirements apply to all girls regardless of whether they participate in a troop or as an individual.

  • Earn the Etiquette badge, Emergency Preparedness badge, and the Our Flag badge at each age level you participate in while a Frontier Girl. This way, when you leave our program, at the very least you should be a polite, prepared and patriotic young lady.
  • Participate in three community service projects each year. One for whoever hosts your troop (Mom and Dad if you are a Pioneer) such as weeding or painting; one for your immediate community, such as picking up trash at a local park or participating in a canned food drive; and one of your choice, such as raising money for a specific charity or sending care packages to our soldiers. Hours served count toward Servant’s Heart Awards, unless they are part of your Make a Difference Project.
  • Earn at least one character badge each year.

9. If you are part of a formal troop and are a Dolphin or above, understand the various leadership positions you might hold within the troop.

10. If you are a Dolphin or above, help your troop earn Super Troop status by learning to sew on your own patches and ribbons.