Frontier Girls Uniforms

The Frontier Girl Uniform consists of:

  • White shirt
  • Navy bottoms
  • Vest (Red vest for girls, navy for leaders and royal blue for adult participants.)

Skirt, skort, pants, shorts, or leggings; blue jeans are acceptable as long as they are clean, without holes and without embroidery or other colorful design work

Cutoffs, mini-skirts, and extreme low-waisted pants are not allowed

Uniforms should be worn to all meetings and activities. If your troop votes to wear troop t-shirts to meetings instead of the full uniform, this is fine, but a full uniform should be worn anytime you appear in public as a Frontier Girl unless the event is something where you may get messy such as tree planting or hiking, then you may wear a troop t-shirt. Each troop designs their own shirts and may use the Frontier Girls logo as long as their troop number appears on the shirt alongside.

Each level of Frontier Girls is represented on the vest by a different color level tab and ribbons:

  • Penguins wear pink
  • Otters wear yellow
  • Dolphins wear blue
  • Butterflies wear green
  • Eagles wear white
  • Leaders wear red
  • Owls wear grey

As a girl graduates from one level to the next she changes her tab color and adds a new ribbon color under her previous one. Each girl’s uniform will show the ribbon colors of each age level where she was a member.   You may NOT go back and place previous colored ribbons on your vest unless you were a member during that age level.

Servant’s Heart Awards are placed on the ribbon level at which they were earned (red on pink and yellow, silver on blue, gold on green, and gold diamond on white.) Leadership pins are worn on the level tab when they are in office and then moved to the level ribbon the girl was when she held the position. All higher awards are worn above the ribbons on either side.

Badges are placed beneath the level ribbons. Each time you graduate to a new level, you must remove all previous badges (new vests are recommended due to the holes left by the pins, not to mention growing girls, but are not required). You may only wear badges that you have earned at your current level. All Servant’s Hearts and higher awards may be carried over from level to level. Level animal pins may be worn on the level ribbon after you graduate to the next level if you wish. 

Leaders may wear badges and awards for any badge or award they have taught to their troop (red rings).  Higher awards for leaders have a red gem in the center.

Owls earn badges as an adult and these have a grey ring around them. Owl level higher awards earned have a grey gem in the center.  If a Troop Leader also wishes to be an Owl, she would still wear the navy vest, but add a grey ribbon about 6″ below the red ribbon.  All badges taught go beneath the red and all badges earned go beneath the grey.

Girls who go through the program and still wish to participate as an adult, would simply switch to a royal blue vest upon graduation or turning 18.  All level ribbons and awards may carry over to the new vest, but as with advancing to other levels, all badges must be removed and re-earned at the adult level.