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Historically Accurate Disney Princess Dances


Historically Accurate Disney Princess Dances

by Holly Collins and Adventures in Dance, Littleton, Colorado

I love princess stories, and often in my line of work as a ballroom dance teacher, I am asked to choreograph wedding routines bases on Disney princess dances. I began to wonder what each princess would have danced in the period that their stories took place.

On a bet with my daughter, I researched and produced how to produce historically accurate princess dance videos. If that was not enough, I filmed on location at Colorado castles. I have since taken these dancing princesses to Frontier Girls, medieval festivals, street fairs, father-daughter dances, quest club events, and weddings.

These dances are a great way to work on badges through the Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs programs such as the Princess badge, Dance badge, Historical Era badge, Costume Design badge or Disney Princess (specific) badge.  I hope you enjoy this fun jog through history.

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Adventures in Dance is constantly adding new dances and video so make sure to click on the website above for the current list.

Antiquity: 700 BC – 500 AD

  • Learn the historically accurate dances for Mulan, Hercules & Meg. Learn more  
    Greek circle dance Meg and Hercules

Lord of the Rings Dances of Tolkien’s Middle Earth- See Here

  • Hobbits, Elves, and Dwarfs each have their own dance in middle earth. See Here
    middle earth dancers

Medieval Princess dances: 5-1450 AD- See Here

  • Find the dances for Princess Eilonwy, Princess Guinevere, Princess Merida from Brave. Ward to King Richard, Maid Marion, Princess Aurora, and her godmother Maleficent. Coming soon the gypsy princess EsmeraldaSee Here

Prince Phillip and Aurora dancers

  • Merida , Scottish King Fergus, and Queen Elinor

Renaissance Princess Dances:1300-1700 AD
(Tudor / Elizabethan 1558-1607)  See Here

  • Learn the popular dances of the day for the real live princesses Snow White and Pocahontas. See Here

Pocahontas and John dance Pavane

Baroque period Dances 1600-1750 “age of the Minuet” – See Here

  • Dance with the Pirates of the Caribbean. Or learn to Minuet with Beauty and the Beast See Here
    Gaston, lady, Belle, Beast at grant Humphrey's fireplace

Romantic period (1770-1850) – See Here

  • Learn to dance Dance the popular Waltzes and Polka dances or the romantic era with Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa – See Here
    Frozen dance Cast Elsa,kristoff, Anna, Hans

Victorian Princess Dances: 1837-1901 AD – Click Here

  • Learn about the round dances that dominated the Victorian Era. Waltz with Cinderella, Jig with Ariel, march with princess Clara. See Here
    Ariel and Eric dance a sailors jig

Nutcracker & The Four Victorian Dances- 1816 Story, 1892 Ballet
Princess Clara- Learn More

  • Find the Children’s Gallop, Grand March, Regency French Pirouette Waltz, Boston Glide Waltz, Victorian Diagonal Waltz, Spanish Waltz. Learn More
    Clara and Nutcracker

Edwardian Princess dances 1901-1911 AD

  • Peter Pan (1850-1904 AD)
  • Villain Dancing with Water Challenge with Captain Hook & Ursula– Learn More
  • Hook-The Apache Tango with Princess Tiger Lily (1890) – Learn More
  • Steampunk Parasol Dueling- Learn More
  • Tarzan Jane Porter Victorian Parasol Flirtations- Learn More
  • Mary Poppins– Maxixe dance how to (1910)- Learn More
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Truly Scrumptious (1911) Bunny Hug How to – Learn More
  • Steampunk Teapot Racer How To- Learn MorePan Tinkerbell Hook Tigerlily

Prohibition Princess Dances: 1910-1940 AD

  • Anastasia (1914) Korobushka Victorian mixer dance how to-(coming soon)
  • Atlantis the lost empire (1914) Turkey Trot Learn More
    (I made the Turkey Trot video before starting this series, but it fits this period. I am still writing the blog to go with this)
  • Princess and the Frog (1920) Charleston Learn More
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1940’s) Blues
  • Cruella DeVille- Doin the Dog (1960″s)
  • Fantasy fun Blog!
  • Gallery here

John and renaissance lady dance pavane


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