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How to Throw a Star Wars Party

May the 4th be with you!  What better way to celebrate National Star Wars Day than with a party. Invite your friends to dress up as their favorite Star Wars character and come train to be a Jedi.

1. Food:

Stormtrooper cupcakes:

Frost your favorite cupcakes with white frosting.  Then using a food grade black marker, draw stormtrooper details onto a marshmallow to place on top. Full recipe at the Yummy Mummy Club website.

stormtrooper cupcakes

Cheese and Cracker Tie Fighters

Cheese placed between two octagon crackers and glued in place using garlic cream cheese make adorable tie fighters. For the full recipe visit Moms Recipes.

cheese and cracker tie fighter

Jabba the Hummus

Sculpt Jabba the Hut out of hummus and use as a dip for veggies. Full recipe at ASDA Good Living

jabba the hut sculpted out of hummus

Pretzel lightsabers:

Using red and green candy melts, melt the candy and dip pretzel sticks in it to create edible lightsabers. Full recipe at

pretzel light sabers

Yoda soda:

Scoop lime sherbet into a glass and top with limeade. Full Recipe from

yoda soda

2. Decorations:

Death Star Piñata

Stormtrooper gift bags


  • white 5”x8” gift bags
  • permanent black ink marker

Click on the pattern below and download to create a template and draw onto a white gift bag.

template for making stormtrooper gift bags

Simple Everyday Mom has some great free pintables as well including invitations, water bottle labels,

3. Games

Time for a little Jedi training.  Use the games below to make sure your Jedi has the concentration, balance, and coordination to be a guardian of peace and justice in the Galactic Republic.


  • A large area such as a backyard, parking lot, or park.  A cement or asphalt area is needed for chalk events.
  • Lightsabers for each child.  If you do not have enough, make some out of pool noodles with silver duct tape handles
  • One balloon for each child
  • Bubble Machine
  • Death Star Pinata and pinata stick
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Water balloons
  • 8’ long 2”x4” beam
  • Green streamers
  • Colored yarn
  • Empty boxes
  • Frisbee
  • Black Bucket
  • Large box or play tunnel
  • Red tablecloth
  • Black stepping stones (can be cut out of cardboard and painted black

Lightsaber Training: Start by giving each child a balloon and see how long they can keep it in the air using nothing but their lightsaber to practice concentration. Next, fire up the bubble machine and enter a simulated battle where the Jedi must pop all the bubbles, but not hit each other.

Balance Training: Place the 2”x4” beam on the ground for the Jedi to walk across. Try each of the following balance skills:

  • Walk forward across the beam
  • Walk backward across the beam
  • Place small obstacles every 2” on the beam and step over them as you cross

Blindfold Training: Just as Luke Skywalker had to train blindfolded, so must your guests.  Using the Death Star pinata, simulate some of the exercises Luke does in the movies, have them “feel the force” as they try to hit the pinata.  Make sure to use a pinata stick and not your lightsabers as they will break.

Speed and Dexterity: Create an obstacle course for the kids to navigate.  Ideas include:

  • Colored yarn for “energy beams” to go over and under,
  • Boxes with pictures of stormtroopers or sand people that must be avoided
  • A frisbee with a Starfighter on it that can be thrown into a black bucket to simulate a black hole
  • Use a large box or a play tunnel and hang green streamers and yarn to crawl through a Dagobah swamp.
  • Throw a red tablecloth on the ground and place black stepping stones on it to represent a Mustafar lava

Bomber Training: Have the kids draw a Death Star, tie-fighters, and Star Destroyers in chalk a cement area such as patio, driveway or parking lot.  Then throw water balloons at the targets to destroy them. 


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