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July Newsletter 2021

Kerry Cordy

A Note From The Founder – Quest Merging with Curiosity Untamed

I would like to thank everyone for their patience over the last year as I have completely changed my business model thanks to the pandemic. It has been a wild and wacky year, but we have survived. Thanks to the homeschool community we are thriving again. Unfortunately, my abrupt detour to marketing directly to homeschoolers and the creation of the Curiosity Untamed website has also created a lot of confusion for my original Quest Club members.

Quest Clubs was originally created in 2010 to provide a program for people to create scouting style clubs that were specific to their beliefs and goals. Over time homeschoolers found Quest and started using it for homeschool curriculum, but they were never my main market until now. Thanks to the pandemic, Curiosity Untamed is now our main website and as homeschoolers find our program, they have also started to create their own Quest Clubs that are being used more as educational clubs than traditional scouting clubs. As a result, I have decided to merge the two websites since more often than not they are being used in tandem anyway.

All Quest specific pages can be found under the Quest tab on the menu. The Quest members page is now located at: The Quest Clubs Leaders page is located at: (Accessible only to club leaders.)

If you are a Quest Member, I have already added all Quest accounts to the Curiosity Untamed website. In order to have access you will need to reset your password however as I am unable to transfer passwords to the new website. If you are able to log into the CU website, but cannot view the badges, please email me and I will fix your account ASAP.

Thank you again for all your support and patience. If you have any suggestions for the website, please let me know. I still have a lot I wish to add to it over time, but can only progress as quickly as finances allow. Feel free to send me ideas to add to the wishlist and I will implement them as quickly as I can. I will keep the Quest website up and running for several more months until I am sure everything has transferred to the CU website.

Kerry Cordy

New Badges Posted

Law Enforcement, Jewelry, Jewelry Throughout Time

Badge of the Week

Every week we post a blog with resources to earn a different badge. You can find past Badge Of The Week posts by going to the Blog page and then choose the Badge Of The Week Category. These posts are also great for Quest Club leaders who need a jumpstart on planning meetings. Badges that will be featured for July include:


Quest Troop #521 Goes Camping

A group of families who got together to form Quest Troop #521 went on their first campout in June. From all the pictures they shared, it looks like it was a huge success. They worked on their camping, hiking, fire safety, orienteering, my troop, and junior ranger badges. They also ate s’mores, washed dishes, caught bugs, practiced resilience and resourcefulness, relished freedom and stepped out of their comfort zones! Participants ranged from experienced camper to brand new and *most* seem to be looking forward to the next time they can all go camping. Many of the kids are on the younger end and parents were very proud of how helpful and excited they were to try something new.


Tie Dye Summer Fun

The Henderson family in Idaho invited a bunch of the families in their neighborhood to join them in creating some tie dye shirts. Tie Dye is a great summer badge to work on and is even more fun with friends! If you are part of a Quest Club, creating tie dye shirts in club colors for your club shirt can also bring a sense of cohesiveness to your group. They are great to wear when doing messy projects and yet still keep the group looking coordinated.

zombie hand badge

The Zombie Apocalypse

Kerry Cordy

I recently started running an ad on Facebook featuring a collection of our badges. I check on the ad daily and try to answer any questions that come from potential customers as quickly as I can. One person simply commented, “Why the zombie apocalypse one tho?” That made me pause.

For those new to the program, your first thought might be, “What could possibly be educational about zombies? Ewww.” I firmly believe that just about any topic has educational value and if presented in the right way can also be a lot of fun to learn about. So when a zombie apocalypse badge was requested in 2019, I set out to find out more about the gruesome lives of the undead.

Did you know that the CDC actually holds zombie apocalypse trainings? Or that nearly every culture around the globe has legends of some sort of undead creature? I never gave zombies much thought before. Monsters are more the realm of my youngest daughter. But once my curiosity was piqued, it became an adventure to find out more.

I discovered that Zombie Tag was a popular event at many schools and college campuses and has even been used for large fundraisers. Zombie books and movies have been part of American culture for decades. My daughter’s passion for special effects led me to research what went into the make up and prosthetics for zombies in the movies. While I was personally revolted by the gruesome effects, my daughter was fascinated with the art skills and techniques used to make things look realistic. This passion has led her to intensive studies in anatomy and science.

Our Zombie Apocalypse badge in many ways represents what Curiosity Untamed is all about. No matter how obscure or strange, anything can be fun and educational. Even Zombies. So let your kids explore their passions even if that passion may not appeal to you. You never know where their questions will lead. In my case, they led to my daughter getting a college degree in animation and visual effects. And yes, she loves to design zombies.


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