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Princess Badge Meeting Plan

by Katie Lundquist

The Princess badge was designed for those who love all things princess!  For full badge requirements visit either the Frontier Girls or Quest Clubs website.  Physical badges can be ordered through the stores associated with each website.  Other badges that can be earned in conjunction with the Princess Badge include the Disney Princess (specific) badge, the Kindness badge, the Etiquette badge, or the Costume Design badge, among others.

The following meeting plan can be adapted depending on whether your club is through Quest or Frontier Girls and depending on the age and number of kids you are serving.

Opening Activity

As kids arrive work on a simple princess related craft, such as card-stock crowns to keep them busy until the meeting gets started. (10 mins) (optional requirement #9)

First Palette has some great templates and instructions located here:

Flag Ceremony

Presentation of the colors, Pledge and Promise. (5 mins)

Circle Time

Read two Disney princess stories and then read and compare them to their original counterparts. For example, if you read Disney’s Cinderella the read Cinderella from Grimes Fairy Tales and compare the two.  (20 mins) (Penguin/Preschool and Otter/Level 1 requirement #1 and 2)

Snack Time

Make a princess related snack. Here are some fun and creative ideas we found:

  • Make snowballs from Frozen by dipping donut holes in white chocolate and adding some white sprinkles.
  • Princess Goldfish Snack Mix
  • Princess Popcorn
  • Aurora’s “Fruits from the Forest” – various berries or fruits that can be found in the forest!
  • Fairy Pretzel Wands – Long pretzel sticks dipped in pink frosting and sprinkles!

Patrol Time

  • Map princess story locations, and real princess homes (Butterfly & Eagle requirement #2, optional requirement #4)
  • Discuss the qualities of a princess. Have each girl write her name at the top of a piece of paper and pass it to her left. Every girl should write the positive qualities she sees in the girl whose paper she receives. Keep passing until it reaches the girl who wrote it. (optional requirement #6)
  • Create a timeline of 15 real princesses. (optional requirement #13)

Closing Activity

Assign the rest of the princess stories to be read, depending on how many were finished during circle time and what age levels are in your troop.

Helpful Resources

50 Pretty Princess Crafts

Real-Life Princesses

Disney Princess Official Site


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