Quest Uniforms

Quest Uniforms

Curiosity Untamed and Quest Clubs have no official uniforms, but many clubs and groups like to have a vest to display their badges and awards on.  We have vests in 17 different colors available in our shop for you to choose from.  Below is a diagram of a suggested Quest Club uniform.  Keep in mind that this is a suggestion only and that you can design your club uniform any way you wish, or have no uniform at all.

The ribbon stripes denote what level you are currently at, as well as what you have been in the past.  Red is for Preschool, Yellow is for Level 1, Blue is for Level 2, Green is for Level 3, and White is for Level 4.  The top ribbon will be the color of the level you were when you joined.  At each consecutive level a new ribbon is added underneath.  The above diagram shows a vest of a child who went all the way from Level 1 to Level 4.

Servant’s Hearts, earned for community service, are placed on the ribbon level at which they were earned (red on yellow, silver on blue, gold on green, and gold diamond on white.) 

Leadership position pins are worn on the level ribbon you are when you hold the position.  

Higher awards are worn above the ribbons on either side.  All of these pins remain on the uniform as you advance to each new level.

Badges are placed beneath the level ribbons.  Each time you graduate to a new level, you should remove all previous badges (new vests are recommended due to the holes left by the pins, not to mention growing kids).  You usually only wear badges that you have earned at your current level.

Activity Patches
Both kids and leaders may wish to wear activity patches on the back of their vests. These patches can represent field trips, camp outs, parades, or other activities you participate in.  

Patches can be purchased for all kinds of activities such as:

  • FundraisingParadesCampouts 
  • Roller Skating
  • SupportingVeterans
  • Visiting Museums
  • Water Parks
  • Amusement Parks
  • Bake Sales
  • BikeRodeos
  • And much more.

If you do not wish to wear patches on your vest, or you have too many of them, you can also sew them onto jackets, tote bags, or quilts to take camping.  Patches can be ordered from a variety online companies  such as: