Quest Clubs

Quest Clubs are scouting style clubs run by Curiosity Untamed and are a great alternative to traditional scouting programs. They offer the structure and friendship of a scouting program, but include thousands of badges, a wide variety of higher awards, and the flexibility to design the club to fit the needs of your group. 

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If you are only using our badges for homeschooling or family enrichment please go to our Homeschool page.

With a Quest Club, you can:

  • Have an all-boys, all girls, or co-ed club. How you structure your club is up to you. All kids are welcome.
  • Include all ages or just a single age group. The Quest program is designed so that all ages can participate in a single club, but you can choose to limit your club to a specific age group if you wish.
  • Name your club whatever you want. Use the Quest name, or choose a name that is all your own.  We have Frontiersmen, The Wildflower Tribe, Adventure Kids and more.
  • Design your own uniform. While we offer suggestions as to how to structure a club uniform, you are free to design your own, or have none at all. Vests can be ordered in up to 17 different colors through our shop.
  • Write your own badge requirements. If you want to earn a badge on a subject we do not yet have requirements for, you are welcome to write your own using our Badge Writing Badge.  You can also add it to our Wish List and we will write as post it as soon as we get a change. If you are working on one of our current badges and wish to substitute your own requirements for ours, you are more than welcome. We just ask that you share your ideas with us so that we can add them to the badge for others to use.
  • Create your own badge designs. Need a specific pin for your club that we do not yet offer? Just send us your artwork and we can create button style pins for the same price as our regular badges with no minimum order.
  • Stay in touch with other clubs. Using our Curiosity Untamed/Quest Clubs Forum Facebook group, you can stay in touch with other clubs around the world.  This is also a great place to share ideas and ask questions of others earning badges from Curiosity Untamed.
  • Get access to badge of the week resources.  Each week we post resources for earning a different badges.  These resources make planning meetings much easier for leaders.

I love Quest because it gives my children a place to form friendships and grow in so many ways! I love the structure and guidance that the badges and awards give me as a parent to be able to instill values and character traits to my children. I love that my daughter and son can be in the same troop and meet at the same time and we LOVE our leaders!

– Ginger Z.


Quest Club Membership

License to run one Quest Club
$ 99
per year

  • License to run one Quest Club. Individual participants will still need to purchase their own family membership to have access to badges and resources.
  • Access to all badge and award requirement for club leader.
  • Access to special Quest Members section with a leader handbook, forms and other resources specific to running a Quest Club
  • Free printable Quest Certificates
  • Access to our member forum
  • Newsletter with new badges added monthly

Start A Club

Ready to start a Club?

If you are ready to start your own Quest club, please read through the FAQs below and how to start a club before continuing.  If you have any questions, just email kerry@questclubs.com

Frequently Asked Questions

When I join Quest Clubs, am I part of a national organization?

No.  Curiosity Untamed sells membership subscriptions to the website for the purpose of providing youth education materials.  Each Quest Club is independently owned and operated by individuals or organizations that have purchased a Quest Club membership to the Curiosity Untamed website. Each club is an autonomous body operated and governed by a single individual, local non- profit organization, church, school, or business.  These groups have purchased a license to use the Quest Clubs name, logo, and materials as part of their youth programming.  

Do club participants need their own membership?

Yes.  Any participant in a Quest Club needs their own family membership.  It is assumed that all Quest Clubs are being run like a scouting style club where kids will be earning badges both at club meetings as well as at home.  If you are running a simple enrichment class where kids only participate during class time, please purchase a group/class membership instead. 

Why is a Quest Club Membership more expensive than a Group Membership?

Quest Clubs are scouting style clubs that require more support than a simple class or enrichment group.  We support Quest Clubs with extra materials, fundraising ideas, conflict resolution, meeting plans, and more.  Traditionally Quest members contact us for help at a much higher rate than classrooms who just use our program to supplement their program.

If I purchase a club membership as an individual, can I transfer it to an organization when I find one to charter our club?

Yes, you may transfer your club membership to any other person or entity of your choice as long as you put it in writing and we receive a membership agreement form signed by the new owner.

What are your age levels?

Quest is available for all ages  3 years and up.  Badges are designed for preschoolers through adults with requirements getting more difficult as you age. 

  • Preschool: ages 3-5
  • Level 1:  grades K-2
  • Level 2: grades 3-5
  • Level 3: grades 6-8
  • Level 4: grades 9-12
  • Level 5: adults

Do we have to wear uniforms?

No.  Quest Clubs do not have official uniforms, but if your club would like to design a uniform, we offer vests in up to 17 different colors from youth small all the way up to adult 5X.  We also have suggestions as to how to arrange badges and awards on your vests, but they are just suggestions.  You may design any type of uniform you wish, or none at all.

Are your badges patches?

No. Our badges are 1.25″ button style pins or magnets.  No sewing required.

How do I get my badges?

Upon completion of badge requirements, you may either use the free printable certificates located in the Resource section or purchase physical badges in the form of pins or magnets through our store.  

Who signs off the requirements?

If your child earns badges during club meetings,  the club leader will decide when requirements have been completed to their satisfaction.  Parents sign off on any badge requirements completed at home.

Are there printed handbooks or badgebooks?
No. All badge requirements are online only. We add new badges and resources every month and anything printed would be out of date very quickly.
What if I don’t have the skills necessary to teach a specific badge?
No parent or leader can be an expert on everything their children will want to learn about. You are welcome to take a class and learn the skill yourself first, but don’t be afraid to seek help from your community as well. Let the members of your community share the joy of teaching your children something by offering their own expertise. Just as the kids should be trying to make their community a better place through service, give your community a chance to make the kids better people as well.
Where can I find resources?
With the invention of the Internet, a variety of resources are now literally at your fingertips. Search our blog posts for a collection of articles supporting a wide array of badges. If you can’t find what you are looking for, just ask! We are always willing to help locate resources that will benefit our members. You can also take advantage of local people and businesses with talents, knowledge, and skills in the area you are looking to teach.
How can we display badges and awards?
Depending on whether you choose pins or magnets, badges and awards can be displayed on a vest, tote bag, backpack, jacket, bulletin board, shadow box, the fridge, magnet board or any other method you choose.
Can we form an all adult club?

Yes!  Adult clubs are common and a great way to stay active and continue learning while making friends and staying social.

How can we display badges and awards if we do not have a uniform?

Badges and awards can be displayed on tote bags, backpacks, jackets, bulletin boards, shadow boxes, or any other method you choose.

Can we write and design our own badges?

Yes.  We only ask that you give us permission to share your badge requirements and add them to our program. You may also design your own badge pins by sending us .jpg format graphics.  Just keep in mind that our badges are only 1″ in diameter and details get lost easily when graphics are shrunk down that small.

Can I charge dues to attend my club?

Yes.  You may charge dues to your members to help cover the cost of supplies, badges, field trips, etc.  You may not profit from dues charged and all monies collected MUST be used for club activities.

Is there a national fundraiser I have to participate in?

No.  All fundraising is done at the club level.  You may do as much or as little fundraising as you wish and the club keeps 100% of all money earned.

Interested in starting a Quest Club?

1. Familiarize yourself with the Quest program above

Familiarize yourself with the Quest program and the Curiosity Untamed website.   Most of the information you will need is in the public areas of the website, but if you have any additional questions, just email Kerry Cordy at kerry@questclubs.com

2. Find a Charter Organization

Each Quest Club is independently owned and operated. Unlike other programs, Quest Clubs is not an organization that you join.  Curiosity Untamed LLC simply sells membership subscriptions to our website, similar to purchasing curriculum, where you will find all of our programming materials and a license to use 
the Quest Clubs name and logo in your youth programming. Most clubs are owned and operated by a local non-profit such as a church, school, veterans’ organization, etc. as part of their youth programming.  Having your club operated by a non-profit will provide you with liability insurance, financial oversight, a place to meet, and non-profit status which helps with fundraising. Brainstorm organizations in your community that you think would be a good fit with the Quest program. Examples might include:

  • Churches
  • Schools (both public and private)
  • Veteran’s Organizations (American Legion, VFW posts, etc.)
  • Moose Lodge, Elks Lodge, Lions Club, Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club, etc.
  • Homeschooling Co-ops
  • YMCA
  • 4H

A printable sample proposal for approaching charters is below and brochures and other materials are available upon request to help in making presentations to potential charter organizations.


Brochures are available upon request to help in making presentations to potential charter organizations.  While finding a charter organization is preferable, independent clubs run out of private homes are also allowed, but be aware that you do so at your own risk. Talk to your insurance agent about what your homeowners policy will and won’t cover.

3. Purchase a Membership

Once you find a charter organization, or feel comfortable operating a club individually, purchase a Quest Club Membership from the website. If you have already found an organization to run your club, have a legal representative of the organization purchase the membership and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

If you have not yet found an organization to charter you, you can purchase the Club Membership yourself and simply transfer it to an organization once you find one. If you are not yet ready to start a club, but want to get started as a family, you can purchase a family membership to work on badges at home.

4. Review Materials

Once a Club Membership has been purchased, you will have complete access to all levels of our website including the Quest Club Members Area and Quest Club Leaders page.  Here you will find our Leader Handbook, all necessary forms for running a club, record keeping instructions, financial instructions, and much more.

Follow the steps on the page Get Your Quest Club Up and Running to get started once you have purchased your membership.

5.  Add Members to Your Club