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To view badges in each Area of Discovery list, visit the appropriate page:

Badges with (Specific) are written with general requirements that can be used to earn a variety of specialized badges. 


7 Wonders of the Ancient World – Discover the World

9/11 Memorial – Discover Character


ABCs – Discover Knowledge  

About Me – Discover the Home  

Accessories – Discover the Home  

Advanced Aviation – Discover Science and Technology  

Advanced Baking – Discover the Home  

Advanced Cooking – Discover the Home  

Advanced Knitting – Discover Art  

Advanced Photography – Discover Art  

Advanced Quilting – Discover the Home  

Advanced Sewing – Discover the Home  

Aerospace – Discover Science and Technology  

Air Force – Discover Knowledge  

Airplanes – Discover Science and Technology  

Amateur Radio – Discover Science and Technology   

American Documents – Discover Knowledge  

American Heritage – Discover Knowledge  

American Revolution – Discover Knowledge  

Amphibians – Discover the Outdoors  

Amusement and Theme Parks (Specific) – Discover the World  

Animals (Specific) – Discover the Outdoors  

Animals Around the World – Discover the World  

Animal Tracking – Discover the Outdoors

Anti-Bullying – Discover Character

Antiques – Discover Knowledge 

Appalachian Trail – Discover the Outdoors 

Apples – Discover Agriculture  

Aquarium – Discover the World  

Archaeology – Discover the World

Archery – Discover the Outdoors  

Architecture – Discover Knowledge  

Army – Discover Knowledge  

Art –  Discover Art  

Art History – Discover Art  

Art in Nature – Discover Art

Artist Trading Cards – Discover Art  

Astronomy – Discover Science and Technology  

Attentiveness – Discover Character  

Autism Awareness – Discover Character  

Automotive Maintenance – Discover the Home  

Aviation – Discover Science and Technology  


Babies – Discover the Home  

Backpacking – Discover the Outdoors 

Backyard Buddies – Discover the Outdoors  

Backyard Camping – Discover the Outdoors 

Badge Hound – Discover Character

Badge Writing – Discover Knowledge 

Baking – Discover the Home 

Balloon Art – Discover Art  

Bandanas – Discover Art or Discover Knowledge  

BBQ – Discover the Home

Beach Fun – Discover the Outdoors

Beading – Discover Art

Beekeeping – Discover Agriculture

Berries- Discover Agriculture

Bible Knowledge – Discover Character

Bible Memory – Discover Character

Bicycling – Discover Health and Safety

Big Sister – Discover the Home

Bigfoot – Discover Knowledge

Biographies (Specific)-  All Areas of Discovery

Biology – Discover Science and Technology

Biomes – Discover Science and Technology

Bird-watching – Discover the Outdoors

Birthdays – Discover Knowledge

Board Games – Discover Knowledge

Boating Safety – Discover Health and Safety

Bookbinding – Discover Art

Book Club – Discover Knowledge

Books (Specific) – Discover Knowledge)

Book Writing – Discover Knowledge

Botany – Discover Science and Technology

Bouldering – Discover the Outdoors or Discover Health and Fitness

Braille – Discover Knowledge

Bread – Discover the Home

British Crown Jewels – Discover Knowledge

British Monarchy – Discover Knowledge

Bubbles – Discover Science and Technology

Budgeting – Discover the Home


Cake Decorating – Discover the Home

California Missions – Discover the World

Calligraphy – Discover Art

Camping – Discover the Outdoors

Canadian History – Discover the World

Candle Making – Discover Art or Discover the Home

Candy Making – Discover the Home

Canoeing – Discover the Outdoors

Car Racing – Discover Science and Technology

Card Making – Discover Art

Career Exploration – Discover Knowledge

Carrots – Discover Agriculture

Cartoons – Discover Art

Ceramics – Discover Art

Chalk – Discover Art

Charity – Discover Character

Charity (Specific) – Discover Character

Cheese – Discover Agriculture

Cheese Making – Discover the Home

Chef – Discover the Home

Chemistry – Discover Science and Technology

Chess – Discover Knowledge

Child Care – Discover the Home

Childhood Cancer Awareness – Discover Health and Safety

Chocolate – Discover Knowledge

Christian Missionaries – Discover Character

Christmas Around the World – Discover the World

Christmas Carols – Discover Knowledge

Christmas Ornament – Discover Art

Circus – Discover Knowledge

Citizenship – Discover Character

Civil War – Discover the World

Classical Literature – Discover Knowledge

Clean Language – Discover Character

Cleaning – Discover the Home

Clothing Repair – Discover the Home

Coast Guard – Discover Knowledge

Coding with Scratch – Discover Science & Technology

Coin Collecting – Discover the World

Cold War – Discover the World

Collage – Discover Art

Collecting – Discover Knowledge

Color – Discover Art

Coloring – Discover Art

College Prep – Discover Knowledge

Cooking – Discover the Home

County/State Fair – Discover the World

Criminal Forensics – Discovery Science and Technology

Culture by Country (Specific) – Discover the World

Comic Books – Discover Knowledge

Compassion – Discover Character

Compost – Discover Agriculture

Communications – Discover Technology

Community Safety – Discover Health and Safety

Company Towns – Discover the World

Computers – Discover Science and Technology

Confidence – Discover Character

Conservation – Discover Character

Cookies – Discover Home

Cooking – Discover Home

Cooking Demo – Discover the Home

Cooking for Special Diets – Discover Health and Safety

Costumes Around the World – Discover the World

Costume Design – Discover Art

Courage – Discover Character

Cowgirl/Cowboy – Discover Agriculture

Crafts – Discover Art

Crepes – Discover the Home

Criminal Forensics – Discover Knowledge

Crochet – Discover the Home

Cross Stitch – Discover Art

Cruise Badge – Discover the World

Culture by Country – Discover the World


Dairying – Discover Agriculture

Dance (Specific)- Discover Art

Decoupage – Discover Art

Dental Hygiene – Discover Health and Safety

Digital Movie Making – Discover Art

Diligence – Discover Character

Diners – Discover the World

Dinosaurs – Discover Knowledge

Dips – Discover the Home

Diseases and Genetic Disorders (Specific) – Discover Health and Safety

Disney – Discover Knowledge

Disneybounding – Discover Art

Disney Animal Kingdom – Discover the World

Disney California Adventure – Discover the World

Disney Epcot – Discover the World

Disney Hollywood Studios – Discover the World

Disney Magic Kingdom – Discover the World

Disneyland – Discover the World

Disney Princesses (Specific) – Discover Knowledge

Doctor Who – Discover Knowledge

Dog Training – Discover the Home

Dolls – Discover Knowledge

Donuts – Discover the Home

Dr. Seuss – Discover Knowledge

Drama – Discover Art

Drawing – Discover Art

Drinks – Discover the Home

Drivers Training – Discover Health and Safety

Ducks – Discover Agriculture

Duct Tape – Discover Knowledge


Ecology – Discover Science and Technology

Edible Art – Discover Art

Egg Art – Discover Art

Eggs – Discover the Home

Elastic – Discover Science and Technology

Elections – Discover Knowledge

Electricity – Discover Science and Technology

Embroidery – Discover Art

Emergency Preparedness – Discover Health and Safety

Emergency Services (Specific) – Discover Health and Safety

Endangered Species – Discover the Outdoors

Entrepreneur – Discover Knowledge

Etiquette – Discover Character

Event Planning – Discover the Home

Eyes – Discover Science and Techonology


Fabric Wrapping – Discover the Home

Fairies – Discover Knowledge

Fairy Garden – Discover Knowledge

Fairy Tales – Discover Knowledge

Faithfulness – Discover Character

Family – Discover the Home

Fantasy – Discover Knowledge

Farm Animals (Specific) – Discover Agriculture

Farmer – Discover Agriculture

Farm Equipment – Discover Agriculture or Discover Science and Technology

Fashion Design – Discover Art

Fashion History – Discover Knowledge

Felt – Discover Knowledge

Fidgets – Discover Science and Technology

Fire Building – Discover the Outdoors

Firearms – Specific – Discover the Outdoors

Fire Safety – Discover Health and Safety

First Aid – Discover Health and Safety

First Ladies – Discover Knowledge

Fishing (Specific) – Discover the Outdoors

Fitness Games (Specific) – Discover Health and Safety

Five Senses – Discover Knowledge

Flat Stanley – Discover the World

Flower Arranging – Discover Art

Flower Gardening – Discover Agriculture

Food Around the World – Discover the World

Food Presentation – Discover the Home

Food Preservation – Discover the Home

Foods – Discover Agriculture

Food Safety – Discover the Health and Fitness

Foraging – Discover the Outdoors

Foreign Language (Specific)- Discover the World

Forensics – Discovery Science and Technology

French and Indian War – Discover the World

French Revolution – Discover the World

Friendship – Discover Character

Fun at the Pool – Discover the Outdoors

Fun with Science – Discover Science and Technology

Fund Raising – Discover Knowledge

Fuse/Perler Beads – Discover Art


Games – Discover Knowledge

Gardening – Discover Agriculture

Garnish – Discover Art or Discover the Home

Gemstones – Discover the Outdoors

Genealogy – Discover the Home

Generosity – Discover Character

Genetics – Discover Science and Technology

Gentleness – Discover Character

Geo-caching – Discover the Outdoors

Geology – Discover Science and Technology

Gift Giving – Discover the Home

Gingerbread – Discover Art or Discover the Home

Glass Art – Discover Art

Glitz & Glam – Discover Health & Safety

Gold Rush – Discover Knowledge

Good Grooming – Discover Health and Safety

Goodness – Discover Character

Grains – Discover Agriculture or Discover Health and Safety

Grandparents – Discover the Home

Greeting Cards – Discover Art

Grieving – Discover Character

Gymnastics  – Discover Health and Safety


Hair Care – Discover Health and Safety

Hair Styles – Discover Health and Safety

Hair Styling – Discover the Home

Harry Potter – Discover Knowledge

Headphones – Discover Science and Technology

Health and Fitness – Discover Health and Safety

Heart Health – Discover Health and Safety

Heraldry – Discover the World

Herbal Teas – Discover Agriculture

Herbs – Discover Agriculture

Hiking – Discover the Outdoors

Historic Era (Specific) – Discover the World

Historical Event (specific) – Discover the World

History by Country (Specific) – Discover the World

History of Medicine – Discover Science and Technology

Holiday (Specific) – Discover the World

Holidays (General) – Discover the World

Home Construction – Discover the Home

Home Decorating – Discover Art or Discover the Home

Home Fire Safety – Discover Health and Safety

Home Maintenance – Discover the Home

Home Maker – Discover the Home

Home Nurse – Discover the Home

Home Safety – Discover Health and Safety

Home Spa – Discover the Home

Homeschool Pride – Discover Knowledge and Discover the Home

Hometown Stay-cation – Discover the Home

Honesty – Discover Character

Honey – Discover Agriculture

Honor – Discover Character

Horse Lover – Discover Knowledge or Discover the World

Horse Racing – Discover the Outdoors

Horse Riding – Discover the Outdoors

Horse Training – Discover Agriculture or Discover Outdoor

Hostess – Discover the Home

Hot Air Balloons – Discover Knowledge

Hot Chocolate – Discover the Home

Home Renovation – Discover the Home

Hula-Hoop – Discover Health and Fitness

Human Body – Discover Science and Technology

Hunting – Discover the Outdoors

Hygiene – Discover Health and Safety


Ice Cream – Discover Knowledge

Iditarod – Discover Knowledge

Insects (General) – Discover the Outdoors

Insects (Specific) – Discover the Outdoors

Instrumental Music by Genre (Specific) – Discover Art

Internet – Discover Science and Technology

Internet Safety – Discover Science and Technology

Inventions – Discover Science and Technology


Jelly Belly – Discover Knowledge

Jewelry – Discover Art

Jewelry Making – Discover Art

Jewelry Throughout Time – Discover Art

Jigsaw Puzzles – Discover Knowledge

Journaling – Discover Character

Joy – Discover Character

Juicing – Discover Health and Safety

Jump Rope – Discover Health and Safety

Junior Ranger – Discover the Outdoors


Keyboarding – Discover Science and Technology

Kindness – Discover Character

Kindness Rock Project – Discover Character

Kites – Discover the Outdoors

Knights – Discover Knowledge

Knitting – Discover Art or Discover the Home

Knots – Discover Knowledge


Lace – Discover Art

Land Surveying – Discover the Outdoors

Landscaping – Discover the Home

LARPing – Discover Art

Latch Hook – Discover the Home

Laughter- Discover Character

Laundry – Discover the Home

Law Enforcement – Discover Health and Safety

Leather Working – Discover Art

Leave No Trace – Discover the Outdoors

Legends (specific) – Discover Knowledge

Letterboxing – Discover the Outdoors

Letter Writing – Discover Art

Library – Discover Knowledge

Light and Shadow – Discover Science and Technology

Lip Balm – Discover Science and Technology

Liquid Nitrogen – Discover Science and Technology

Literary Heroines – Discover Character

Listening – Discover Character or Discover Health and Safety

Little House – Discover Knowledge

Little Women – Discover Knowledge

Local-Motion – Discover the World

Locks of Love – Learn About It – Discover Character

Love – Discover Character


Magic Tricks – Discover Knowledge

Magnetism – Discover Science and Technology

Mail Art – Discover Art

Main Dishes – Discover the Home

Make Up – Discover Health and Safety

Mammals – Discover the Outdoors

Man made Wonders (Specific) – Discover Science and Technology

Maple Syrup – Discover the Outdoors

Map Reading – Discover the World

Marbles – Discover Knowledge

March 4th (Forth!) – Discover Knowledge

Marine Craft – Discover Science and Technology

Marine Life – Discover the Outdoors

Marines – Discover Knowledge

Marshmallows – Discover the Home

Martial Arts (Specific)- Discover Health and Safety

Massage – Discover Health and Safety

Math – Discover Science and Technology

May Baskets – Discover the World

Microscopes – Discover Science and Technology

Microsoft Office – Discover Knowledge

Military Family – Discover thee Home

Mind Puzzles – Discover Health and Safety

Minecraft – Discover Knowledge

Miniatures – Discover Art or Discover Knowledge

Mini Golf – Discover Health and Safety

Modesty – Discover Character

Morse Code – Discover the Home

Mosaics – Discover Art

Movies (Specific) – Discover Art

Mummies – Discover Knowledge

Museums – Discover the World

Mushrooms – Discover the Outdoors

Music – Discover Art

Music Appreciation – Discover Art

Music Group Fan (Specific) – Discover Art

Music History – Discover Art

Musical Instrument (Specific) – Discover Art

My Community – Discover the World

My Troop – Discover Character

Mythological Creatures – Discover Knowledge

Mythology – Discover Knowledge


Nail Art – Discover Art

Narnia – Discover Knowledge

National Landmarks (Specific) – Discover the World

National Monuments/Memorials (Specific) – Discover the World

National Parks (Specific)- Discover the World

Native Americans (Specific Tribe)- Discover the World

Native American Art – Discover Art

Natural Disasters (Specific) – Discover the Outdoors

Natural Food Coloring – Discover the Home

Natural Wonders (General) – Discover the Outdoors

Natural Wonders (Specific)- Discover the Outdoors

Navy – Discover Knowledge

Neon Lights – Discover Science and Technology

NERF Guns – Discover the Outdoors

Newspapers – Discover Knowledge

Nursing History –  Discover Knowledge

Nutcracker Ballet – Discover Art

Nutrition – Discover Health and Safety

Nuts – Discover Agriculture


Obstacle Course – Discover the Outdoors

Occupation/Career (Specific) – Discover Knowledge

Ocean – Discover the Outdoors

Office Worker – Discover Knowledge

Orienteering – Discover the Outdoors

Olympics – Discover Knowledge

Organic Foods – Discover Agriculture

Origami – Discover Art

Our Flag – Discover Knowledge

Outdoor Cooking – Discover the Outdoors

Outdoor Safety – Discover Health and Safety or Discover the Outdoors


Painting – Discover Art

Paleontology – Discover Science and Technology

Paper Crafting – Discover Art

Parades – Discover Knowledge

Parshah – Discover Knowledge

Patience – Discover Character

Patriotism – Discover Character

Pattern Making – Discover the Home

Peace – Discover Character

Peanut Butter – Discover Knowledge

Pears – Discover Agriculture

Penpal – Discover the World

Performance – Discover Art

Pets – Discover the Home

Photography – Discover Art

Physics – Discover Science and Technology

Pies – Discover the Home

Pinewood Derby – Discover Science and Technology

Pioneers – Discover Knowledge

Pipe Cleaners – Discover Art

Pirates – Discover Knowledge

Pizza – Discover the Home

Planets – Discover Science and Technology

Playwright – Discover Art

Plush Toys – Discover Knowledge

Pocket Knife – Discover the Outdoors

Pocket Knife Safety – Discover Health and Safety

Poetry – Discover Knowledge

Poisonous Plants – Discover the Outdoors

Pokemon – Discover Knowledge

Polymer Clay – Discover Art

Popcorn – Discover Agriculture

Postcards – Discover the World

Poultry (Specific)- Discover Agriculture

Prayer – Discover Character

Princess – Discover Knowledge

Psychology – Discover Health and Safety

Public Speaking – Discover Art or Discover Knowledge

Pudding – Discover the Home

Pumpkins – Discover Agriculture

Puppetry – Discover Art

Purse – Discover the Home

Pyrography – Discovery Art


Quilting – Discover the Home


Railroads – Discover Science and Technology

Rainbow Loom – Discover Art

Rain Gutter Regatta – Discover Science and Technology

Reading – Discover Knowledge

Recycling – Discover Knowledge

Reenactment – Discover Art

Relationship Skills – Discover Health and Safety

Remote Control (RC) Vehicle (Specific) – Discover Science and Technology

Renewable Energy – Discover Science and Technology

Reptiles – Discover the Outdoors

Resourcefulness – Discover Character

Respect – Discover Character

Responsibility – Discover Character

Road Trip – Discover the World or Discover the Outdoors

Robotics – Discover Science and Technology

Rock Climbing – Discover the Outdoors

Rockets – Discover Science and Technology

Rocks and Minerals  – Discover the Outdoors

Rodeo – Discover the Outdoors

Role Playing – Discover Art

Roller Coasters – Discover Science and Technology

Route 66 – Discover the World

Rubik’s Cube – Discover Knowledge


Sailing – Discover the Outdoors

Salads – Discover the Home

Sandwiches – Discover the Home

School Pride – Discover Character

Scrabble – Discover Knowledge

Scrapbooking – Discover Art

Seashells – Discover the Outdoors

Sea World – Discover the Outdoors

Seasons (Specific) – Discover Science and Technology

Self Control – Discover Character

Self Defense & Personal Safety – Discover Health and Safety

Senior Citizens – Discover Character

Seven Teachings – Discover Character

Sewing – Discover the Home

Shark Tank – Discover Knowledge

Shelter in Place – Discover Health and Safety

Shirley Temple – Discover Knowledge

Shoes – Discover the Home

Short Flags – Discover Health and Safety

Sign Language – Discover Knowledge

Singing – Discover Art

Skating (Specific)- Discover Health and Safety

Sleep – Discover Health ans Safety

Slime – Discover Science and Technology

Sling Shot – Discover the Outdoors

Slumber Party – Discover the Home

S’Mores – Discover the Outdoors

Snow – Discover the Outdoors

Soap Making – Discover the Home

Song Writing – Discover Art

Soups – Discover the Home

Space Derby – Discover Science and Technology

Spelling – Discover Knowledge

Spies – Discover Knowledge

Spinning Badge – Discover the Home

Sports (Specific) – Discover Health and Safety

Sports History (Specific)- Discover Knowledge

Sports Team Fan (Specific) – Discover Knowledge

Sportsmanship – Discover Character

Stamp Collecting – Discover the World

Star Wars – Learn About It – Discover Knowledge

State Flags – Discover the World

States (Specific)- Discover the World

Stitchery (Specific) – Discover Art

Stop Motion Animation – Discover Art

Story Telling – Discover Art

Super Mario – Discover Knowledge

Superhero (Specific) – Discover Knowledge

S.W.A.P.S. – Discover Art

Sweet Treats – Discover the Home

Swimming – Discover Health and Safety


Table Setting – Discover the Home

Take the Lead – Discover Character

Tall Flags – Discover Health and Safety

Tea Time – Discover the Home

Teaching – Discover Knowledge

Teamwork – Discover Character

Teddy Bears – Discover Knowledge

Ten Commandments – Discover Character

Textile Design – Discover Art

Textiles and Fibers- Discover the Home

Thankfulness – Discover Character

Theme Parks (Specific)

Tie Dye – Discover Art

Titanic – Discover Knowledge

Torah Study – Discover Character

Trademarked Toys- Discover Knowledge

Trampolining – Discover Health and Safety

Travel – Discover the World

Travel Destination (Specific Location)- Discover the World

Trees – Discover the Outdoors

T-Shirts – Discover Art

TV Series (Specific)- Discover Art

Typing – Discover Science and Technology


United Nations – Discover the World

United States of America – Discover Knowledge

Urban Exploration – Discover the World

U.S. Constitution – Discover Knowledge

U.S. Geography – Discover the World

U.S. Government – Discover Knowledge

U.S. History – Discover Knowledge

U.S. Presidents – Discover Knowledge


Vegetables – Discover Agriculture

Veterans – Discover Character

Veterinarian – Discover Agriculture

Video Games – Discover Knowledge

Vietnam War – Discover the World

Vikings – Discover Knowledge

Villains – Discover Knowledge

Vocal Music by Genre – Discover Knowledge

Volunteer – Discover Character


Waffles – Discover the Home

Water – Discover Science and Technology

Water Games – Discover the Outdoors and Health and Safety

Water Safety – Discover Health and Safety

Watercolor – Discover Art

Weather – Discover the Outdoors

Weaving – Discover Art

Welding – Discover Knowledge

Wilderness Survival – Discover the Outdoors

Wildflowers – Discover the Outdoors

Will Rogers – Discover Knowledge

Women in History – Discover Knowledge

Women in Science – Discover Knowledge or Discover Science and Technology

Women’s Suffrage – Discover Character

Woodworking – Discover Art

Words – Discover Knowledge

World Currencies – Discover the World

World Dance – Discover Art or Discover the World

World Flags – Discover the World

World Geography – Discover the World

World Geography (Specific) – Discover the World

World Landmarks – Discover the World

World Peace – Discover the World

Worms – Discover Agriculture or Discover the Outdoors

Writing – Discover Knowledge

WWII – Discover the World


Yoga – Discover Health and Fitness

Yo-yo – Discover Knowledge

Yurt – Discover the Outdoors


Zero Waste – Discover the World

Ziplining – Discover the Outdoors

Zombie Apocalypse- Discover Knowledge

Zoos – Discover Knowledge