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Caspio Badge Tracking

The Caspio badge tracking system is run on a separate system than our main program and requires its own separate login. If you have not yet registered with Caspio, please do so below. Otherwise the system will have you login once you choose a report or form.

Click Here for Leader Level Tracking for Troops and Clubs

Update your Caspio Profile

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New Badge Submission

Use this form to enter a new badge you are working on into the system. Badges already entered can be found in the Badge Tracking Report and Update form.

Badge Tracking Report and Update

This report used to see all badges your family or group has worked on and to update or add to the information entered.  The report can be sorted by clicking on the column heading you wish to sort by and can be bulk updated by clicking on the Grid Edit link at the top left side of the page.  Run the report for a single participant, single level, or the whole group.


Community Service Hours Submission

Use to submit new community service hours toward a Servant’s Heart Award.

Community Service Detail Report and Update

Shows all community service records and allows them to be updated if necessary.

Community Service Hour Totals

View all community service hours completed.


Discovery Award

View all badges by Area of Discovery

Liberty Award Tracking

View badges earned toward a Liberty Award

Fruit of the Spirit Tracking

View badges earned toward the Fruit of the Spirit Award

Life Skills Submission Form

Use this form the FIRST time you submit life skills. This form only needs to be filled out once per person. All updates should be made through the Life Skills Award Report and Update.

Life Skills Award Report and Update

If you have already submitted your first life skill for a participant, use this report to update and add new skills as well as to see all skills achieved.

Outdoors Award Submission

Use this form to submit outdoor skills for the first time. To update and add skills to a participant already entered, use the Outdoor Award Update and Report.

Outdoor Award Report and Update

Use this report to update and add outdoor skills for any participant

WOW! Award Tracking