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What is Curiosity Untamed?

Curiosity Untamed is an educational incentive program designed to promote lifelong learning.  We use badges and awards to motivate kids and adults of all ages to take their education to the next level.   Badges encourage participants to delve deeper into subjects they are already interested in as well as explore new ideas and experiences. Written by homeschoolers, this program seeks to show kids and adults that everything is fun and educational. Our badges are similar to those used in scouting programs, requiring a certain level of mastery in a subject, but still offering a choice of options as to which activities to complete. Whether you are 3 or 103 we challenge you to keep your curiosity untamed!

There are currently more than 1200 individual badges in nine different Areas of Discovery you may earn with more released every month.  If you want a badge that isn’t on our list, all you have to do is add it to our Wish List, or you may give us a hand and help us write them as well.  In addition to our badges, we also offer a variety of higher awards based on themes such as community service, character, patriotism, and leadership.

Curiosity Untamed was designed to be as flexible as possible and can be used in a wide variety of ways.  It can be used by individuals, families, with a group of friends, in a club setting, as homeschool curriculum, in the classroom, as an after school program, or even as a character building program.  Unlike formal scouting programs, there are no mandatory meetings, promises, or uniform, and we have no specific religious affiliation.  You simply adapt the badges and awards to meet the needs and goals of your family or group using our materials to create a program that fits your needs.

Curiosity Untamed can also be used to supplement current scouting programs by adding additional badges and awards for your members.  While our badges and awards may not be worn on the uniforms of other organizations, they can be displayed on either a uniform of your own design, or on tote bags, backpacks, jackets, shadow boxes, etc.designed

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Curiosity is the compass that leads us to our passions. 

Follow it and you won’t be disappointed.


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