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Age Levels are as follows:

  • Preschool – Ages 3-5 – Penguin Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 1 – Ages 5-8 – Otter Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 2 – Ages 8-11 – Dolphin Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 3 – Ages 11-14 – Butterfly Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 4 – Ages 14-18 – Eagle Level (Frontier Girls)
  • Level 5 – Adults 18+ – Owl Level (Frontier Girls)

Caspio for Leaders

The tracking reports below are only accessible to Frontier Girls Troop and Quest Club Leaders.

The Caspio badge tracking system is run on a separate system than our main program and requires its own separate login. If you have not yet registered with Caspio, please do so below. Otherwise the system will have you login once you choose a report or form.

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