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Register for Caspio Badge Tracking

Caspio is an online database program we offer free of charge to our members that operates on a system outside of the Curiosity Untamed and Frontier Girls websites.  Using this system you can look up a troop roster, track badge requirements completed, awards earned, community service hours and more.  If you have not yet set up an account on our Caspio Tracking System, you will need to do so before you can log in.  It is recommended that when setting up your account you use the same information you used when registering for our website (same user name, email, password, etc.) to avoid confusion.

If you are part of a Frontier Girls troop or Quest Club, your troop leader will also have access to this information with the ability to update and add to it as well.  Keeping your information up to date in Caspio will ensure that your child receives full recognition for their efforts.

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.