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Frontier Girls is a scout-like curriculum for girls offered by Curiosity Untamed that is designed for individuals and organizations to use as part of their youth programming.  Emphasizing community service, patriotism, life skills, and leadership, our program offers thousands of badges to earn in nine Areas of Discovery. Badges cover everything from outdoor escapades like camping to cultivating character traits such as responsibility and teamwork. Whether a girl is looking to expand her life skills, explore a passion for science, make beautiful music or travel the world, we have what she is looking for.

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Who Are We?

Raising Women of Honor to Be the Leaders of the Future.

Welcome to Frontier Girls, a community founded in 2007 by kerry Cordy providing an scout-like program for girls and adults of all ages. Rooted in Kerry’s passion for traditional scouting, homeschooling, and the belief that everything can be fun and educational, Frontier Girls has evolved from a small family venture into a thriving nationwide grassroots movement.  Our diverse community spans nearly every state in the nation and reaches across borders into several countries. Frontier Girls empowers girls…..


Program Options

Formal Troop, Informal Group, or Individual Pioneer

Whether you plan to participate as an individual or within a troop, Frontier Girls has a structure that will suit your needs.  Age levels range from preschool through adult and the program is set up specifically for multiple ages to work together.   A troop formation is the most popular method of participating in Frontier Girls youth program. Groups of anywhere from two to thirty or more girls may form a “Troop” with one leader, and one or more assistant or co-leaders. Girls attend routine meetings, working on badges, activities…


Thousands of Badges to Earn!


Nine Areas of Discovery

Click the links below to see badge options in each section.  New badges are added each month.

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Frontier Girls does not have a national organized fundraiser.  Each Frontier Girls troop plans and implements their own fundraising activities and keeps 100% of the money earned.

Life Skills

Thousands of badges in nine Areas of Discovery, including the outdoors, encourage lifelong learning and allow girls to learn a multitude of life skills in any area that interests them. Higher awards, such as our Life Skills Achievement award, take it to the next level, preparing girls for adult life out on their own. Frontier Girls encourages girls to step out of their comfort zone and try something new, collecting skills and wisdom to become the architects of their own


Frontier Girls encourages every Frontier Girl to help better her community and the lives of the people around her. Each troop is required to do a minimum of three service projects each year; one for the community, one for whoever hosts your troop meetings, and one ongoing project of the girls’ choice. For example, your troop may choose to sing Christmas carols to the elderly (local community), weed the parking lot of the church that hosts your troop meetings, and ring bells for Salvation Army each year.


Patriotism is a character trait we take very seriously in Frontier Girls. All meetings begin with a formal flag ceremony and girls are taught a proper respect for both flag and country. Girls who belong to military families wear a special “Patriot” insignia on their uniforms so others may show them the respect their family deserves for the sacrifices they make. As a strong supporter of both our active and retired military, Frontier Girls encourages members to show their thanks and appreciation through a variety of service projects.

Age Levels

For every learning experience we can be sure “there’s a badge for that!” If not, we can write one. I love that my daughter and I can participate and learn together. – Bethany Kilpatrick Byrum

Kittie R. – Mom


Join the Frontier Girls family today by starting your own troop.  Each troop reflects the beliefs and goals of those who run it.  You make the rules.  Serve all ages or just one.  Meet every week, or just once a month.  Do loads of fundraising or none at all.  The choices are up to you.  Want to find out more?  Click the button below to find out how to start a troop of your own.