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10 Types of Waffles

Who knew there were so many different types of waffles? If you are a waffle lover, earn our Waffles Badges. You can use our Waffle Day Resources to learn all you ever wanted to know about these tasty treats!

Over the centuries dozens of types of waffles have been created. Here are my top ten favorites.

1. Brussels Waffle

Brussels waffles are big rectangular waffles that are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside with large deep pockets. Usually served for dessert with powdered sugar or whipped cream and fruit, these waffles are a favorite around the world.

10 different types of waffles

2. Belgium Waffle

Believe it or not, Belgium waffles are not from Belgium, but come from America. Belgium waffles are very similar to the Brussels waffle, but where Brussels waffles are made with yeast, a Belgium waffle is made with baking powder instead which changes the consistency slightly. An American favorite, Belgium waffles are usually circular and served as often for breakfast as they are for dessert.

3. American Waffle

Most American waffles are made with baking powder instead of yeast, such as the Belgium waffle listed above. A traditional American waffle is much thinner an denser than waffles made with yeast. The pockets on American waffles are also usually much smaller making them perfect for holding syrup or gravy in addition to the usual waffle toppings of fruit, powdered sugar or whipped cream. American waffles come in all shapes and sizes and are served for lunch or dinner as often as breakfast in some areas as dishes like chicken and waffles are very popular.

4. Toaster Waffle

Toaster waffles are frozen waffles that can be taken straight from the freezer, tossed in the toaster and then eaten for breakfast. Invented in 1953 by the Dorsa brothers they were originally called Froffles for “frozen waffles.”

hong kong waffle egg waffle bubble waffle

5. Hong Kong Egg Waffles

Hong Kong egg waffles are frequently called bubble waffles. Instead of the traditional pockets indenting a waffle, the Hong Kong egg waffle has egg shaped bubbles sticking outward that are easy to break off and snack on.

6. Liege Waffle

Liege waffles are similar to Brussels or Belgium waffles, but are smaller with a denser texture and a caramelized sugar coating on the outside that keeps the waffle from getting soggy if topped with fruit or cream. They are frequently sold by vendors as handheld desserts similar to donuts.

pizzelle waffle cookie

7. Pizzelle

Pizzelles are crisp waffle cookies made with a decorative waffle iron and then sprinkled with sugar.

8. Waffle Cone

The traditional ice cream cone was a thin waffle made with brown sugar or molasses. The waffle cone is an ice cream cone where the waffle is larger, thicker, and made with white sugar so it retains more the look and flavor of a traditional waffle.

9. Savory Waffles

Savory waffles are usually made in the American style, creating a thinner, denser waffle. From falafel waffles topped with artichoke tzatziki to cornbread waffles topped with chicken, savory waffles turn any meal into a waffle extravaganza.

Stroopwafel cookies

10. The Stroopwafel

The Stroopwafel is my daughter’s favorite type of waffle. These delicious cookies are made from a thin layer of caramel sandwiched between two thin waffle cookies.

With all of these delicious options, which waffles will you eat today?

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