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Candle Advancement Ceremony

Candle Advancement Ceremony

This ceremony is designed to advance participants to the next age level of the program.

Welcome everyone and begin with a flag ceremony.

After the flag ceremony have all children who are advancing levels move to the left side of the room. The remaining members will line up by age level at the front of the room. Level 4 on the far right, followed by Level 3, Level 2, and finally, Level 1.

Speaker: “Every year, our advancement ceremony marks an exciting milestone in the Quest Club journey. It symbolizes the transition from one level to another, a step forward in your progress.”

Let’s begin by recognizing our amazing members moving from Level 3 to Level 4. (As each child’s name is called, they will cross the room to their new level, receive a candle, and join the line. Continue calling out kid’s names as they advance from one age level to the next. The front line will gradually fill in the gaps between each group, symbolizing our united club.)

(Have a leader light the candleson each end of the line. Pass the flame from child to child lighting each candle while singing ‘Whenever you make a Promise’ by W.W. Shield)

Speaker: While we may divide ourselves by level, in truth, we are one club. Through Quest, you’ve explored many Areas of Discovery, and this ceremony marks a milestone of progress for both you and your leaders. The joy of our journey lies in the friendships we build. This candle flame represents the bond we all share. From the experienced Level 4 to the smallest Level 1, we pass the flame of friendship. As you blow out your candles, keep the flame alive in your hearts and lives.”

[Kids blow out their candles]


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