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Club Options

Curiosity Untamed has two different options for creating scouting style clubs. Choose one or combine the two! (Many Frontier Girls troops run a Quest Club alongside for the boys and call them Frontiersmen.)  We do not charge twice for the same information, but a Frontier Girls troop does require a special license.  So if you plan to combine a Frontier Girls troop and Quest Club, make sure to purchase the Frontier Girls Troop Membership as a free license to run a Quest Club is included with it.   A Quest Club Membership only includes the license to run a Quest Club.

Quest Clubs

  • Clubs can be all girls, all boys or co-ed
  • All ages can be part of the same club
  • Choose your own club name and program goals
  • Choose your own club uniform – We have vests in 20 different colors
  • Participants need individual memberships only if they want access to the badge requirements and program resources.  If they only earn badges at club meetings, individual memberships are not required.
  • No required promise or creed
  • May be religious or completely secular

Frontier Girls

  • Girls only
  • Focus on patriotism, life skills, and community service
  • All ages can be part of the same troop
  • Individual Pioneers may participate without a troop.
  • Required individual or family memberships
  • Required uniform
  • Frontier Girls Promise and Creed
  • Open to girls and volunteers of all faiths
  • Special forum to connect with other Frontier Girls around the world.