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Educational Enrichment for Groups

Curiosity Untamed can provide an enrichment program for groups that increases motivation, knowledge and responsibility through badges.  Our Group membership is designed for groups, classrooms, after-school programs, or co-ops to use badges as an educational incentive program.  Licensing includes usage for group instruction only.  Any individual participants who wish to have access to badge requirements and programming must purchase their own membership.

Although not state-standard based, our scouting-like badges can easily be used as-is, or adapted to meet your own requirements. With nine Areas of Discovery, there are literally thousands of badges to choose from, such as World Geography, Light and Shadow, Vikings, Women in Science, Classical Literature, Health and Fitness, and more.

Many badges like Gold Rush and Rocks and Minerals can be taught alongside each other, perfect for cross-content education. Many badges, such as Books, Animals, and Biographies, are customizable, perfect for book or research reports. If we do not have a badge you or a student desire, there is the Badge Writing badge where you can learn to write your own. You can also use our Wishlist to request a badge to be written.  As Curiosity Untamed is not a curriculum, you can teach these badges alongside your chosen curriculum or adapted to meet your own state’s standards. 

Group memberships license our materials for group instruction only.  Please do not print and distribute our badge requirements or copy and paste them into social media or emails.  Badge requirements may be used to develop unit studies, meeting plans, or class projects for use during instruction only.  Students or participants who wish to have access to badge requirements for personal use at home must purchase their own membership.

Badge Pins / Magnets / Certificates

The optional purchase of badge pins allows students to visually see what they have been learning over the course of the school year. These badge pins can be placed on backpacks, ribbons, clothing, and more. Our magnetic badge pin options mean that badges can even be shown off in lockers or on magnetic whiteboards or other surfaces. Free, printable certificates are also available.

Group Membership

$ 99
per year
  • 1 User
  • Licensed for group instruction only. Participants need a family membership for individual access to badges outside of class.
  • Access to all badge and award requirements
  • Monthly newsletter with new badges added each month
  • Free printable certificates
  • Leader Handbook and resources