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May 2024 Newsletter

Kerry Cordy

A Note From the Founder – Found Memories

In seaching back through old photos and videos I stumbled across a gem I didn’t know I had, a video of the very first Frontier Girls award ceremony conducted by Troop #101 in 2007. At the time of this video, I was still figuring out what I wanted Frontier Girls to be and the girls you see are the ones responsible for everything created over the last 17 years. It is because of them, their passions, their enthusiam and their commitment that I created this program and all that came after it.

While the video is a bit long, about 30 minutes, there is a ton of history here. This is where the idea for the Make a Difference Award came to be when my daughter raised over $2,000 via a walkathon she organized to raise money for her friend’s eye surgery. I mention the disaster that was the first homemade ribbon pins to represent leadership positions and the very first puzzle piece pins handed out as our solution. We are wearing light blue shirts instead of white after American Heritage Girls threatened to sue me over choosing white shirts for our original uniform (I eventually won that battle!). Abby Olson, myu first office manager and the original “Badge Hound” who is the reason behind the WOW! Award since she wanted to earn every badge I had and her mother, who is the author of many of our original badges, are both honored in this video.

Looking back, we have come so far. Who knew back then that time and necessity would cause the spin off of what became Quest Clubs and then Curiosity Untamed? I never could have imagined the friendships forged across the country that have lasted more than a decade. I have had the privilege of girls not only in my own troop, but many others grow into amazing women who have put what they have learned here into practice in their careers and adult lives. So thank you to those who stood with me at the beginning as well as every person who has pitched in over the last 17 years.

Click the link below to see the video.

New Badges Added

Cryptids, Cheerleading, Outdoor Exploration

Scholarship Winners

Each year our Frontier Girls program awards three continuing education scholarships to girls who have gone above and beyond the basic program and fully embraced what being a Frontier Girl is all about. I proud to announce this year’s scholarship recipients.

Caroline Duke, Troop #109 – Recipient of the $1000 Abby Olson Award

Award Qualifications: Eagle Level Diamond Award and WOW! Award

Caroline has been a Frontier Girl for 15 years and is part of the longest running troop in the nation, Troop #109 in Texas.

An excerpt from her essay, “Frontier Girls has been a part of my life ever since I was 18 months old when Troop 109 started. I would not be where I am now if not for it. The Creed has been a family motto! The program has been my homeschool curriculum and my door to all sorts of opportunities and job possibilities!”

As a junior member of two different local volunteer fire departments, Caroline plans to use her scholarship money to get her SCUBA license as well as basic life support so that she has the option of joining the search and rescue team as well.

Kara Simmons, Troop; #122 – Recipient of the $500 Charlotte Duke Award

Award Qualifications: Eagle Level Diamond Award

Kara has been a Frontier Girl for 13 years.

An excerpt from her essay, “Last spring, I advanced to Owl. I have helped to lead my troop throughout the fall, before moving for a 6 month long internship as a legislative liaison for Texas Home School Coalition. As a legislative liaison, I analyze bills, set and hold meetings with the offices of legislators, and testify in committee hearings. After graduation, I continued to volunteer regularly in my State Senator’s office, spent much of the fall volunteering many hours on a campaign in my county, and, starting in November, I started preparing for the current internship. As I have focused more on volunteering, learning, and job opportunities, I have earned fewer badges. Instead, I have spent hundreds of hours putting what I have learned into practice. Most of my current learning and work does not translate into badges, but I have learned things such as how to properly analyze proposed legislation, how a political campaign is run, and how an elected official’s office works. My learning and exploration of the political process through Frontier Girls has set me on the path I am on today. Frontier Girls has inspired me to live a life of service and learning.”

Elizabeth Vicory, Pioneer – Recipient of the $500 Megan Lundquist Award

Award Qualifications: Eagle Level WOW! Award

Beth has been a Frontier Girl for 13 years.

An excerpt from her essay, ” This is the last time I can apply for the scholarships, as I will be 22 later this year. And for those who don’t know me, I have autism, and a traumatic brain injury from a car accident. You know that stereotype about people with autism having a “special gift, a savant-like skill”? Well, if it’s true, mine is LEARNING! I love to learn new things. Thats one of the reasons I love Frontier Girls, there’s badges for so many things, all sorts of new learning opportunities! And as an Owl member, learning can be a lifetime hobby.”

Beth plans to use her scholarship to finance as many of her educational pursuits as possible including taking classes at the local college,  taking a special botanical trip, learning how to watermarble and metal stamp, get a larger stand for bigger macrame projects and the list goes on…

STEM Challenge – Which Way Does the Wind Blow?


  • Cardstock or sturdy paper
  • Crepe paper streamers
  • String
  • Paper clips
  • Tape
  • Hole punch

Using only the supplies listed above, make a windsock that can tell the direction and relative speed of the wind. If it works correctly, the windsock will hang limp when there is no wind and fly horizontally in a strong wind. You should be able to tell the direction of the wind based on where the sock is pointing. If the sock is pointing south, the wind is coming from the north. Try graphing the wind for a week or more. What did you learn?

May Flowers Paper Craft

This May, embark on a creative journey with your kids by crafting paper flowers. It is a great way work on badges such as Paper Crafting while you celebrate spring.


  • Lightweight cardstock (65lb cardstock works well)
  • Glue (hot glue works best, but glue stick, glue dots, or any fast drying glue with work.)
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Floral wire if you want to put your flower on a stem


  1. Print out the templates above (print the flower template on the color cardstock you want the petals and the leaves on a green cardstock)
  2. Cut out all flower and leaf templates
  3. Use a pencil to curl the petals inward on one the four petal smaller flower cutouts and outward on the remaining petal cutouts.
  4. Take the small four petal cutout that you curled inward and fold the petals to the middle so they overlap each other as in image 1.
  5. Glue the piece you just created into the center of the second small four petal cutout.
  6. Fold the petals up around the inner piece with slightly looser wrap.
  7. Glue to one of the smaller 5 petal cutouts.
  8. Place a small dab of glue near the base of each petal and fold upward so that they are attached to the central bud.
  9. Repeat with the remaining small 5 petal cutout and then the larger 5 petal cutouts.
  10. Glue the finished flower to the small green sepals cutout and then add leaves as desired.
  11. Optional: Pierce your paper rose through the center and thread floral wire into it and glue leaves to the wire.

B.A.D.G.E.S. Ceremony

Looking for a quick ready made ceremony to present your badges and awards? Use the BADGES ceremony below to make your presentation special. More ceremonies can be found in the Ceremonies section of the blog under the Resources tab.

Have a group of 6 members stand at the front of the room. Each will hold a card that spells out BADGES. They should hold thier card face down until it is their turn to speak. (Print the script for each letter on the back of the card)

Leader: Welcome, everyone, to our badge ceremony! Tonight marks a special moment for each of us, as we come together to celebrate the dedication, effort, and achievements of our members. Let’s begin by spelling out the word that represents our collective journey.

[The members raise their cards one by one, forming the word BADGES.]

Person 1 (holding up the letter B): “B stands for Badges. These badges symbolize our hard work and dedication in learning and growing.”

Person 2 (holding up the letter A): “A stands for Attitude. It’s about having a positive mindset and believing in ourselves as we tackle new challenges.”

Person 3 (holding up the letter D): “D stands for Discover. Throughout our journey, we’ve discovered new talents, interests, and knowledge that have enriched our lives.”

Person 4 (holding up the letter G): “G stands for Growth. With every badge earned, we’ve grown not just in skills and abilities, but also in character and confidence.”

Person 5 (holding up the letter E): “E stands for Empowerment. Through badges, we’ve empowered ourselves to take control of our learning and shape our own futures.”

Person 6 (holding up the letter S): “S stands for Self-confidence. Each badge we earn boosts our self-confidence and reminds us of our capabilities.”

Leader: As your leader, I know the work you have put into each badge you earn. I know you are eager to wear them and it is with great pride and feeling of accomplishment that I present them to you today. (Call each member forward to make the presentations.)

[The ceremony continues with the members receiving their badges and celebrating their achievements with applause and smiles.]

Leader: Before we bid farewell, I want to take a moment to reflect on the significance of tonight’s ceremony. Your hard work, perseverance, and determination have paid off in ways that words cannot fully express. As you leave here tonight, remember to hold onto the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie that we’ve shared. Congratulations, and may your badges serve as a reminder of your incredible journey.

Summer Glitterbug Schedule

Here is the summer schedule for the Glitterbug group, a virtual group for women age 18 and older. If you are interested in joining this group, please email and I will put you in touch with Cassi Jensen, the leader.

  • May 8: Baby Animals, Animal Rescue
  • May 22: Kindness badge, Kindness rock
  • June 5th Save the Bees/Pollinator
  • June 19: My Troop (Glitterbugs focus)/ meet up and hang out meeting to catch up with each other
  • July 10: Flag badge/adaptation for Canada flag/ Patriotism Liberty Award
  • July 24: U.S History, Elections (it’s is an election year)
  • August 7 :Carrots, Salad badge
  • August 21 Grain/ Biographies Please prepare a Biography of your choice to share and present.

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