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Meet The Team!

Curiosity Untamed is very much a grassroots community with all members across the country sharing ideas and supporting one another.  At the heart of our small business is a group of family and friends  that keeps everything running.  Meet the staff.


– Kerry Cordy

(530) 524-8799

In 2007 Kerry combined her passion for scouting with her passion for homeschooling to create the Frontier Girls program, the founding program behind Curiosity Untamed. She believes that anything and everything can be fun and educational and set out to create a fun and flexible program that would encourage kids to revel in the world around them and soak up as many experiences as possible.  Loud and exuberant, her boundless energy keeps everyone motivated.  

Creative Consultant 

– Kristine Cordy

Kristine, Kerry’s youngest daughter, consults on most creative projects.   Designer of both the Curiosity Untamed and Quest Club logos and the brain child behind our new Curiosity Untamed website, Kris bubbles over with ideas for new videos, clipart, photography, and more to help our members learn and explore. The wild child of the team, Kristine brings chaos and excitement to our days.  Check out her store full of creative clothing and stickers at Krisanthemum_Art!


Curriculum Consultant and Editor

– Katie Cordy

Katie is Kerry’s oldest daughter and an elementary school fine arts teacher with a credential in K-8 education. She modernizes, edits, and re-formats both existing and new badge curriculum, so that members of all ages receive the very best these programs have to offer. Katie’s love of children and creative imagination adds purpose and spark to our programs.  Visit her website at for free Art Classes online.