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September 2023 Newsletter

Kerry Cordy

A Note from the Founder – I’m Here to Support You!

by Kerry Cordy

As the summer comes to a close and a new school year begins, remember that I am here to support and encourage you every step of the way. If you have any questions, need guidance on badge activities, or simply want to share the accomplishments of your kids or club, feel free to reach out to me. I love hearing from you and celebrating your achievements! One of the perks of a small business is that I get to be personally involved and get to know my members.

I hope you had an amazing summer filled with exciting adventures and new discoveries!

New Badges Added

Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch, Holistic Wellness

We Won! – Best Homeschool Products & Curriculum of 2023-2024

WOOHOO!!!! I am thrilled to share some incredible news with you all – Curiosity Untamed has been chosen to be included in The Best Homeschool Curriculum & Resources of 2023-24 on! This recognition is a reflection of the dedication and passion we all pour into crafting this program. I couldn’t do it without all your help and involvement. We are listed in the following categories:

  • Preschool Kids
  • Elementary School Kids
  • Middle School Kids
  • Highschool Kids

This accolade reinforces my belief in the power of curiosity to shape young minds and prepare them for a bright future. Thank you for being a part of this journey, and I look forward to continuing to add many more new badges, awards and resources for years to come.

Assistant Leader Megan Lundquist pins awards to her youngest sister, Audrey.

Importance of Troop/Club Uniforms

Wearing uniforms to troop/club meetings plays a significant role in fostering a sense of unity, belonging, and identity within your troop/club. Uniforms symbolize your commitment to the shared values and principles your group stands for, reminding kids that they are part of something larger than themselves. They promote equality among the kids, regardless of background or socioeconomic status, and create an atmosphere of respect and professionalism.

The image below represents the required Frontier Girls uniform. Quest Clubs are allowed to create the uniform of their choice. They are welcome to follow the pattern below and purchase vests in a variety of colors and accessory kits through our store, or create any style of uniform they wish.

If you use the uniform layout above, you will start with a single color ribbon and the coordinating tab that shows your age level. As you advance through the program, you will add new colored ribbons as you enter each new age level and will switch out your tab for the color of your current age level. This way, people can see at a glance at what age you entered the program and what age level you are at now simply by looking at the ribbons on your vest. These ribbons also allow you display awards and leadership positions that have been earned/served at lower levels.

Fun Fall Activities

Leaf Piles: Rake a big pile of leaves and jump into the crunchy goodness. It’s a simple pleasure that captures the essence of the season.

Apple Picking: Head to an orchard and let your kids pluck ripe apples from the trees. Later, transform your harvest into homemade applesauce, apple pie, or simply enjoy the apples as a nutritious snack.

Outdoor Movie Night: Set up a backyard movie night with blankets, pillows, and a projector. Enjoy classic family-friendly fall movies under the starry sky with hot cocoa and popcorn.

Fall Cooking: Whip up cozy fall treats like pumpkin muffins, caramel apples, or cinnamon-spiced cookies. Involve the kids in the baking process and relish the comforting aromas that fill your home.

Fall Scavenger Hunt: Organize a scavenger hunt where kids search for specific fall-related items like acorns, colored leaves, or different types of tree bark.

Scarecrows: Gather old clothes, hats, and some hay to create your very own scarecrow. Let your kids design and assemble their scarecrow masterpiece to decorate your yard or porch.

Leaf Art: Collect vibrant fall leaves during nature walks and use them to create beautiful leaf rubbings, leaf collages, and even leaf animals. This is a wonderful opportunity to blend creativity with the wonders of the season.

Back to School Ideas

Welcome to a new school year! As the crisp fall air approaches, I’m excited to share some back-to-school ideas that embrace the spirit of curiosity and can enrich your scouting or homeschooling journey. Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooler or troop leader, or just starting out, these suggestions will help you create meaningful and adventurous learning experiences.

1. Nature-Based Learning Adventures: Take advantage of the beautiful fall weather by incorporating outdoor learning into your curriculum. Plan nature hikes, scavenger hunts, and outdoor science experiments. Explore local parks, forests, and botanical gardens, and encourage your kids to observe and document the changing season.

2. Mix and Match: Explore badges that align with your homeschool curriculum. Incorporate badge requirements into your lessons to bring a hands on element. For example if you are learning about Pioneers, in addition to the Pioneers badge, you may wish to incorporate badges like Fire Building, Outdoor Cooking, or Orienteering which are all skills pioneers would have needed.

3. Service Projects: Engage in service projects as a family or troop/club to give back to your community. From organizing food drives to participating in neighborhood cleanups, these activities instill the values of kindness and empathy in your kids while teaching real-world lessons.

4. Field Trips: Get out of the house and take field trips to stores, restaurants, museums and more. YOu can also explore the world from the comfort of your home through virtual field trips. Visit museums, historical sites, aquariums, and more online. Many institutions offer interactive tours and educational resources that align with various subjects.

5. Skill Sharing: Host skill-sharing sessions where each child teaches the family or troop/club a skill they’ve learned or a topic they’re passionate about. This encourages communication , boosts self-confidence, and highlights the diverse interests within your family/troop/club.

6. Astronomy Nights: Set up astronomy nights where you stargaze, identify constellations, and learn about celestial bodies. Engage in space-related activities and encourage kids to imagine the universe’s vast possibilities.

7. Leadership and Communication Skills: Organize a family/troop/club debate night or public speaking workshop. Assign topics, and encourage kids to research, present their arguments, and engage in constructive discussions. This develops essential communication and leadership skills.

Remember that the world is your classroom, and every experience is an opportunity for growth. Let your curiosity guide your journey, and watch as your kids thrive in an environment of exploration, learning, and fun.


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