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10 Types of Waffles

Who knew there were so many different types of waffles? If you are a waffle lover, earn our Waffles Badges. You can use our Waffle

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Learn the Art of Calligraphy

Learn the Art of Calligraphy The term calligraphy comes from the Greek ‘Kallos’ meaning beauty and ‘Graphein’ which means to write. The history of calligraphy

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learn about herbs

Learn About Herbs

What Is an Herb? What is an herb and how does it differ from a spice? Learn about herbs and earn your Herbs badge to

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March 2021 Newsletter

A Note From the Founder, Kerry Cordy If You See a Need, Take the Lead! The motto of Frontier Girls, our founding program, is “If

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Discovery Award – Combining Badges

Curiosity Untamed offers thousands of badges in nine different Areas of Discovery. The Discovery Award rewards those participants who embrace the entire program and earn at least one badge from each of the nine areas.

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