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April 2021 Newsletter

April 2021 A Note From the Founder – Quest Clubs and Curiosity Untamed Websites Merging Kerry Cordy I want to thank everyone for their patience

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March 2021 Newsletter

A Note From the Founder, Kerry Cordy If You See a Need, Take the Lead! The motto of Frontier Girls, our founding program, is “If

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February 2021 Newsletter

A Note From the Founder – Free Badges!! In an effort to help get the word out regarding Curiosity Untamed, we are encouraging all members

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January 2020 Newsletter

  A Note from the Founder:  Country Blocker: 403 Errors by Kerry Cordy My sincere apologies to everyone who has recently registered for Curiosity Untamed

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December 2020 Newsletter

A Note From the Founder: Payment Glitch by Kerry Cordy My apologies to anyone who tried to purchase a Curiosity Untamed membership in the last

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November 2020 Newsletter

    November 2020 A Note From the Founder – Gratitude and Thanks by Kerry Cordy The month of November and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday

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