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January 2024 Newsletter

Kerry Cordy

A Note From the Founder – Invite a Friend – One Month Free!

It’s a brand new year and time to have some fun! What better way than to invite some friends to come earn badges with you? Use the exclusive coupon code INVITE2024 to treat your friends to a complimentary month on us – no strings attached! They can cancel anytime, but if they love the badge-earning journey, they have the option to either keep the monthly membership or upgrade to an annual membership, saving them money while enjoying a year packed with fun and learning.

Badge Sale!

All badges are 10% off through January 31!


It’s that time of year again and our annual badge sale has begun! All badges will be 10% off for the entire month of January. This is the only time of year we discount our badges and it is an annual event. No coupon codes necessary. Please remember that all badges are made to order and as such cannot be returned. Make sure you will actually use any badges ordered. You do not need a subscription to the main website in order to purchase badges from our store. The store is a separate website. Accounts there are solely for tracking past orders are not required.

New Badges Posted

Story Movement Badge, Amish Badge, Zine Badge

Glitterbugs – Virtual Badge Group for Adult Women

The Glitterbugs is a virtual group of adult women members who meet monthly online to work on badges together. While this group took a short break, Cassi Jensen, one of our most active adult members, is bringing it back! This group is open only to women members with a currently paid membership to the Curiosity Untamed/Frontier Girls website and who are 18 years or older starting in January 2024. (The Glitterbugs are a private group and not associated with Curiosity Untamed LLC)

Each month members can work on specific badges together online. A supply list will be sent out for projects to work on together for the agreed upon badge prior to each meeting. Cassi plans on utlizing power point and videos to help teach.  Since everyone learns diffrently, she wants to make sure everyone has accessibility options that can be given on an individual basis if needed. So reach out to her for accomodations if you need them.

The first meeting will be on January 9th, 2023. Meeetings will take place using Google Meet twice a month on the second and fourth Wednesday at 6:15pm Mountain Time (Pacific Time, 5:15pm; Mountain Time, 6:15pm; Central Time, 7:15pm; and Eastern Time, 8:15pm.). Please wear your vest if you have one and come prepared to share your favorite badge as well as a book suggestion.  The Facebook page name is Glitter Bugs Virtual FrontierGirls troop if you would like to connect with other Glitterbugs outside of online meetings.

If this group interests you, please email and I will connect you with Cassi.

Frontier Girls 17th Birthday – Jan. 19, 2024

Frontier Girls is the program that started it all. Who knew that the small group of girls who first met in a livingroom in Redding, CA would start a program that would not only sweep the nation, but branch off to become one of the most unique homeschool curriculums available. On January 19, we will celebrate 17 years in business as this was the date that Frontier Girls was officially launched. Quest Clubs came along a few years later in 2010 and Curiosity Untamed in 2020. Thank you to all of you who have helped make our programs what they are today!

Ideas for Celebrating:

  • Go out into the community and do something to make it better – pick up trash, plant a tree, help at a food bank, etc.
  • Throw a birthday party with your troop using patriotic decorations.
  • Wear your uniforms to school or church

Troop Highlight – Frontier Girls Troop #633

Lisa Frassetto, leader of troop #633 made the followin post on our Frontier Girls Facebook Forum and I wanted to share it as an inspiration for other troops and clubs. This meeting is a wonderful example of how to put together a successful meeting.

“I wanted to share troop 633’s last meeting of 2023. Up on arriving they dropped cards in our card box they made for the elderly at a local nursing home. Then we worked on the Ornament Badge where they actually made 5 types of ornaments! After a short video on the history of the Christmas tree all together we started with a dried apple ornament where they fed string though and learned a hand tie knot. Then they broke into 3 stations set up with someone teaching at each station. One was where they learned about sewing, for the first time for some, and they sewed a felt Christmas tree. Station 2 was a coffee filter angel. Station 3 was a felt candle and pinecone bell! While they waited for the next station they played a minute to win it game where they had to build a marshmallow snowman using chopsticks. And in the middle of all that SANTA came to visit! Lastly we challenged the girls to pick one or all of the ornaments to give to someone as a random act of kindness and cheer someone up this season to earn community service time.

Story Movements Badge – A Collaboration with Once Upon a Dance Book Series

by Kerry Cordy

I recently discovered a unique book series from a mother daughter duo, Once Upon a Dance. These creative books inspired me to write our new Story Movement badge. The books in the Once Upon a Dance series have taken storytelling to a whole new level. On each page of their books, you’ll find more than just words – you’ll discover a suggested dance movement to accompany the narrative. Imagine turning the pages of a book and seamlessly incorporating dance steps to enhance the tale being told. It’s a literary adventure and a dance recital all in one!

What sets Once Upon a Dance apart is the delightful inclusion of suggested dance movements throughout their books.  From graceful twirls to energetic leaps, each movement is thoughtfully curated to complement the story, making the reading experience truly immersive.  It’s a celebration of literature and movement, seamlessly blended to engage both the mind and body.

Curiosity Untamed and Once Upon a Dance invite you to embark on this enchanting adventure where storytelling meets movement.  Dive into the world of Once Upon a Dance and earn your Story Movements badge today.  Let the pages of the books guide your dance, and let the dance bring the stories to life!

If you wish to support a family business Once Upon a Dance is offering a 20% discount for a set of 5 Dance-It-Out StoryMoving Books for only $99. Just use the special link she set up with Square at This is not an affiliate post and I do not receive any compensation if you make a purchase. I just like their books and videos and wanted to share.

Visit Once Upon a Dance

Annual SWAPS Event – Registration Ends Jan. 31

Every year we encourage members from around the country to get to know each other by making and trading SWAPS through the mail.  SWAPS  are small handmade craft items that can be pinned for display somewhere on a jacket, a backpack, a sash, or a hat and is a perfect way for kids to meet each other, learn about new places and promote friendship. Each SWAP item represents a place, a special event or a person and stands for “Souvenir With A Purpose”. All SWAPS should have a safety pin on the item to attach it to a display. 

If you are looking for craft ideas for your SWAP, search Pinterest or Google for “SWAPS Girl Scouts” and then click on images. SWAPS should represent the sender in some fashion and it is traditional to send a letter to your SWAP partner telling them about yourself,where you live and how your SWAP represents you.

Rules for participating:

  1. Have a current paid membership to Curiosity Untamed. (Includes Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs memberships) 
  2. Fill out the registration form and submit it no later than January 31, 2024
  3. SWAPS partners will be assigned by February 7, 2024 via email. CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!!
  4. Contact your SWAPS partner no later than February 14 to verify shipping address and number of participants.
  5. Make enough SWAPS for each member of your partner group/family to receive one.
  6. Write a letter to include with your SWAPS introducing your group/family and explaining why the SWAP represents you.
  7. Ship your SWAPS no later than March 1, 2024

PLEASE do not register to participate unless you plan to follow through. Every year we have disappointed kids who make and ship SWAPS, but never receive any in return. At the end of the event I try to match up any participants who did not receive anything and give them a chance to try to SWAP with another family/group. Participation is at your own risk. If you sign up for SWAPS and fail to send your SWAPS without notifying us with a good reason, you will be banned from participating in the future.


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