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Parent Volunteers – Forming a Troop/Club Committee

Parent Volunteers – Forming a Troop/Club Committee

Running a Frontier Girls Troop or Quest Club takes a lot of time and energy.  For most groups, the majority of the work falls on the troop/club leader.  That said, all parents should be pitching in and helping in some way.  Many tasks are small and don’t take much time.  There is always a way that even the busiest of parents can help the group.

When forming your Troop or Club, have a parent meeting at the beginning of each year and explain that your role as the group leader is to ensure the best possible experience for the kids. To achieve this, you need to focus on program delivery. There are various support positions that parents can take on that will enable you to perform your role for greatest benefit of the kids.

Pass around a list of positions and their descriptions to the parents and ask them to select one or more that align with their skills and interests.  Do not ask, “Would you like to help?” as this implies volunteering is an option easily avoided.  Explain that as the list is passed around, if someone has already expressed interest in a role you’d like to take on, that’s fantastic! The more helping hands, the better so feel free to double up.

Below is a sample list of roles you may wish to have parents step up to fill:

Monthly Volunteers

  • Attend each meeting in the month you sign up for
  • Assist leader and co-leader with leading activities
  • Oversee snack-time
  • Help with crafts and badge work for the meeting

Snack Coordinator (If a member of the troop/club does not hold this position)

  • Create a sign up list for each family to bring snack to a meeting
  • Call whoever is responsible for bringing snack to the upcoming meeting and remind them.
  • If someone cannot bring snack as scheduled find a replacement person to bring snack.

Prep Volunteer

  • Help to prepare materials for crafts games, etc. prior to the meeting. (Cutting stencils, photo copying, etc.)
  • This position can be done from home and materials brought to the leader at any time before they are needed for a meeting.

Troop Registrar

  • Run a troop roster report once a month to ensure all participants are properly registered
  • Help register all new members.

Treasurer or Treasurer Mentor

  • If one of the troop/club members is the Treasurer, this position mentors them and ensures records are kept appropriately.
  • Keep the financial records in order and open for review at all times.
  • Keep a record of all dues collected.
  • Track reimbursement/purchases made by the troop/club.
  • Keep a record of all payments for personal badges and awards

Record Keeper or Scribe Mentor

  • Keep a paper record of all badges and awards earned by troop/club members or learn to use the Caspio system to track them online.
  • If one of the troop/club members is a Scribe, this position mentors them and ensures records are kept appropriately.

Badge Order Coordinator

  • Responsible for requesting a list of badges and awards that need to be ordered from the Record Keeper or Scribe. 
  • Place all badge and award orders for the group using the troop/club account or by being reimbursed by parents.
  • Receiving and sorting the order to ensure each child receives the correct badges and awards.


  • Volunteer to drive to field trips, campouts, etc.
  • Must have valid driver’s license and insurance

Transportation Coordinator

  • Coordinates who will drive on each field trip.
  • This person is NOT expected to provide all of the transportation.

Field Trip Coordinator

  • Find field trips that coordinate with the badges being earned
  • Make arrangements with the field trip location and ask for group discounts if available.
  • Make sure all parents have turned in a permission slip if required

Campout Coordinator

  • Make reservations at camping site
  • Make sure all parents have turned in a permission slip if required
  • Make sure there is enough camping equipment for all campers
  • Find a volunteer to help the kids make a menu and shop for the food.

Potluck Coordinator

  • Create a potluck list and ensure all parents have signed up to bring a dish
  • Make sure there are enough paper good and cutlery for all attending
  • Ensure enough seating for all, or send out a note reminding families to bring chairs or picnic blankets.

Social Media Coordinator

  • Moderate the group social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram
  • Maintain safety protocols and privacy

Website Creation/Maintenance

  • Create and maintain a website for the troop/club


  • Take photos of all club activities
  • Ensure all children are represented in the photos
  • Create scrapbooks or post photos to social media accounts.

Publicity Coordinator

• Works with local media in getting publicity for special troop/club events and activities.

Community Service Coordinator

  • Make a list of ways to help your local community
  • Make arrangements with local entities to partner with them for community service opportunities.

Emergency Contact

  • Identifies someone to serve as emergency contact who will be available for leaders and parents to contact in case of an emergency while the troop is on a field trip or campout.
  • Must be available during duration of trip either by cell or at home with troop emergency info.


  • Watch leaders’ and/or program support people’s other children during meetings \

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Helps troop/club plan money-earning activities.
  • Finds sponsors for troop/club.

Community Resources Coordinator

  • Finds and secures resources in the community that will benefit the chosen badge work/activities.

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