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November 2023 Newsletter

Kerry Cordy

A Note From the Founder – Cancer Free!

Kerry Cordy

Thank you so much for all the prayers and good wishes. When I prescheduled last month’s newsletter I had no idea what my future held in regards to my cancer diagnosis and I was preparing for the worst just in case. Thankfully, the surgery went well and all cancer was removed. I am officially cancer free and they caught it early enough that no further treatment will be necessay! Woohoo! Thanks to modern medical technology, I am completely recovered already and life is back to normal. Thank you so much for your patience during the last month while my communication was a bit slow during my recovery. There should be no more delays going forward.

New Badges Posted

Pumpkin Spice Badge, Space Exploration, Plant Based Food

Feast of Knowledge: Earning Delicious Food Badges in November

With Thanksgiving around the corner, why not explore the wide range of culinary badges we have to offer? Just a few of the badges you can earn while preparing dishes for your family gathering include:

Whip up family favorites, try out new recipes, and explore diverse cuisines!

Create Your Own Word Search Puzzles

Do your kids love word searches? There are several free word search generators, such as the puzzle maker on, on the Internet that are easy to use. Creating word searches with words based on the badges you are earning is a fun way to reinforce vocabulary or ideas. Grids can be as large or as small as you wish. The word search below is based on the food badges listed above to earn for the month of November.

Find the following words:


Rock Art

Fall is a great time to get outside and explore the natural world. Simple things like rocks, twigs and leaves can be used to create all sorts of simple art projects. Challenge your kids to find simple pieces of nature in the backyard and see what they can turn them into. All you need is a pen and a piece of paper to get started.

Parent Volunteers – Forming a Troop/Club Committee

Running a Frontier Girls Troop or Quest Club takes a lot of time and energy.  For most groups, the majority of the work falls on the troop/club leader.  That said, all parents should be pitching in and helping in some way.  Many tasks are small and don’t take much time.  There is always a way that even the busiest of parents can help the group.

When forming your Troop or Club, have a parent meeting at the beginning of each year and explain that your role as the group leader is to ensure the best possible experience for the kids. To achieve this, you need to focus on program delivery. There are various support positions that parents can take on that will enable you to perform your role for greatest benefit of the kids.

Pass around a list of positions and their descriptions to the parents and ask them to select one or more that align with their skills and interests.  Do not ask, “Would you like to help?” as this implies volunteering is an option easily avoided.  Explain that as the list is passed around, if someone has already expressed interest in a role you’d like to take on, that’s fantastic! The more helping hands, the better so feel free to double up.

Looking for a list of possible roles you may wish to have parents step up to fill? Check out our blog on Parent Volunteers.


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