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September 2022 Newsletter

Kerry Cordy

A Note From the Founder – Membership Renewals

Kerry Cordy

While I have sent out emails, and put this in other newsletters, many members are still unaware that I have a glitch in my membership renewals. If your membership renews and you get locked out of the website anyway, please make sure to email me immediately and I will get it fixed for you.

When I merged the websites, all the memberships transferred just fine, but in many cases the connection to the payment gateway broke. When these memberships renew, the payment goes through but doesn’t connect back to my website and the customer gets locked out. Unfortunately there is no way for me to know which memberships were affected until someone gets locked out and lets me know.

I can fix the issue one of two ways. I can simply manually let you in immediately which solves the problem in the short term, but means you will get locked out again every year upon renewal. A better solution, if you don’t mind, is to have me refund your current membership and send you a coupon to purchase a new one at the price your originally registered with. This way members keep any grandfathered pricing yet their memberships will connect properly in the future and no longer lock you out.

I am so sorry for all the hassle this has caused and greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding while I get everyone fixed up.

Plan Ahead for Future Badge Orders

Just some quick dates to keep in mind for up coming badge orders. I will not be shipping any orders from Oct. 9-16 or from Nov. 12-22. Any orders placed during those times will ship out the following week when I return. I will be supporting my husband at his national boat races and will be out of town during those dates.

Keep in mind all badges go on sale every year at 10% off for the entire month of January. Just be aware that because of the sale it takes me longer to make and ship the badges since I usually get a high influx of orders, especially right at the end of January. If you have a ceremony or presentation you need badges in time for, make sure to order a minimum of 3 weeks before you need them just in case.

New Badges Added

Save the Bees, Pancetta, Manga

Save the Bees! – Finian Stroup Makes a Difference

First, let me say that I owe Finian a HUGE apology. Way back in 2016, when she was 10 years old, she sent me a giant file full of all sorts of stuff she put together for her Make a Difference Award on saving the bees including an article in Bee Culture magazine about her efforts. I lost the file and just found it and finally had time to go through all of it. In doing so, I discovered the file also included three badges she had written (see the above Save the Bees, Pancetta and Manga badges.)

Finian truly went above and beyond in her Make a Difference project which was to raise awareness on the plight of the honey bees. After visiting an apiary and working with a beekeeper she set out to start educating the public and encouraging people to plant bee friendly flowers to help keep the honey bees alive. Honey bee colonies have suffered massive losses over the last few decades. Through its pollination, the honey bee is responsible for 75% of our major food crops including fruits, vegetables and nuts.

The most unique aspect of Finian’s project was one of her methods of advertising the issue. With the help of her dad and the company he worked for, she built and raced a soap box derby car with a honeycomb design and the slogan “Save the Bees” printed on the side. Competing with 40 others cars, Finian grabbed 6th place! Her effort to raise awareness for the bees was spread far and wide as her unique car design was featured in several magazines and advertisements as well.

While it took me six years to post this in the newsletter, Finian is still an active member in our program and still earning her higher awards such as the S.T.E.A.M. award. She is a great role model and doesn’t let anything stand in her way.

Every Kid Outdoors

Each year the national parks system offers free passes to fourth graders and their families. These passes are open to homeschoolers as well as long as you have a fourth grade equivalent child.

Every Kid Outdoors allows U.S. fourth graders and family members free access to over 2,000 federal lands and waters so you can discover our wildlife, resources, and history. Every Kid Outdoors creates crucial connections to public lands and inspires a future generation of stewards for America’s spectacular national parks and other public lands.

To obtain a pass, fourth grade students can visit the Every Kid Outdoors website, participate in a short educational activity, and then download a paper voucher to print and bring with them to visit public lands and waters all across the country.

Every Kid Outdoors begins each year on September 1 and goes through August 31. Visit Every Kid Outdoors and get your free fourth grade pass today and get oudoors!


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