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What Is The Difference Between Frontier Girls, Quest Clubs and Curiosity Untamed?

What Is The Difference Between Frontier Girls, Quest Clubs and Curiosity Untamed?

Curiosity Untamed, Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs are badge-based programs that encourage life-long learning.  Each program uses the same base set of badges and awards, but in slightly different ways.


Curiosity Untamed is a badge based educational curriculum designed for homeschoolers, public and private schools.  There are thousands of badges to choose from in nine different areas of discovery.  Each badge provides a list of requirements, similar to traditional scouting style badges, that create the perfect base for a unit study.    The Curiosity Untamed program is used both by individual families in the home as well as by organized homeschool co-ops and public and private schools.  Physical badges may be awarded as either pins or magnets to commemorate each child’s achievement.  These badges may be displayed on jackets, backpacks, hats, etc. as pins, or on a magnet board or even the family fridge as magnets.


Frontier Girls is a scouting style program for girls only.  In addition to the badges and awards offered by Curiosity Untamed, Frontier Girls offers a formal troop structure similar to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  Frontier Girls has a promise, a creed, and a required uniform.  The Frontier Girls program strongly promotes patriotism and support for our military as well as requires mandatory service to local communities.  By utilizing the badges and awards of the Curiosity Untamed program, the girls have the opportunity to learn about thousands of topics that interest them as well as adding a variety of life skills.


Quest Clubs is designed for any group of individuals to create a scouting style club specific to their own needs and goals.  Each Quest Club chooses its own club name, uniform, and membership policies.  Every Quest Club is unique.  Some are all boys; some are all girls and some are co-ed.  Some Quest Clubs are highly religious while others are completely secular.  Many Frontier Girls troops run a Quest Club alongside for the boys and call them either Frontiersmen or Frontier Boys.  This allows the groups to work on badges together, but also allows for single sex activities when desired.


Unlike organizations such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, badge programs run by Curiosity Untamed, including Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs, are not non-profit organizations that you join.  Curiosity Untamed simply sells program curriculums to individual and organizations to use within their own youth programming.  As such, each charter organization owns and runs their own troop or club and sets all necessary policies for their own participants based on their own insurance and youth programming goals.  Troops or clubs run by a church may teach church doctrine as part of their programming.  Troops or clubs run by a VFW or American Legion will not have a religious component, but instead will focus on support for the military and patriotism.  Troops and clubs run by local community organizations such as Rotary or Lions Club usually focus on community service.  Each charter organization may customize the programming for their own needs as long as the basic terms and conditions of the program are upheld.

Any questions regarding the differences between the three programs offered by Curiosity Untamed may be directed to Kerry Cordy at or (530) 524-8799


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