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February 2024 Newsletter

Kerry Cordy

A Note from the Founder – Show Your Leaders Some Love!

by Kerry Cordy

February 20 is our Leader Appreciation Day so show your troop, club or group leader some love! Most parents have absolutely no idea how much time, effort and money (yes, money!) it takes to run an active group. Leaders are frequently taken for granted and expected to accomodate the schedules and needs of every family in their group, but their own needs are often forgotten or ignored. Take some time this month to make sure to say thank you to your leaders for all the hard work they put in to give your kids fun and educational experiences.

And from me to all of those leading Frontier Girls Troops, Quest Clubs, Co-Op Classes, After School Programs and more, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We would not have a program at all if not for you. Your dedication, passion, and creativity are what keeps kids coming back. You are greatly appreciated.

Some of the troop leaders of Troop #109, our longest running Frontier Girls Troop established in 2008. Sylvia Duke (far right), founder of the troop, has been an integral part of building the Frontier Girls program over the years.

New Badges Posted

Steampunk, Time, Monster Trucks

Best Homeschool Curriculum, Products and Resources Award

Once again, we made the list of the best products for homeschoolers. I am honored that the Curiosity Untamed program as been included in all three age level categories; preschool, elementary school and middle/high school. As homeschooling continues to evolve, staying informed about the latest and most effective teaching tools and methods is crucial. The Best Homeschool Curriculum, Products, and Resources of 2024-25 list presents a carefully curated selection of curricula and resources, tailored to meet the diverse needs of homeschooling families.  This list of best homeschool curriculum is not just a collection of textbooks and workbooks; it includes a variety of learning materials that cater to different learning styles, subjects, and age groups.

February Fitness Challenge!

Engage in an active adventure each day this month. Whether it’s a nature walk, bike ride, or a game of tag with friends, aim for at least 30 minutes of active play. The key word here is PLAY. When most people think of physical fitness they think of organized excersise such as sports, lifting weights at the gym, or jogging. Teaching kids that staying active and healthy can be done every day simply by having fun is a great life skill. Have a snowball fight or build a snowman if you live where it snows. Splash in puddles or have gutter races and chase twigs down the rushing water if you live where it rains. Or just stay indoors and throw a dance party, play balloon volleyball, or create a hopscotch board using masking tape. See how creative you and your kids can be by coming up with a different idea for each day this month. For added motivation, work on your Health and Fitness Badge or your Nutrition Badge if you would like to add some healthy eating as well.

If you are stuck indoors, read our blog “31 Indoor PE Activities” for creative ways to stay active inside. My two daughters used to LOVE creating “obstacle”horse” jumps in the house using cardboard tubes we got free from JoAnn fabric. They could do laps for an hour or more, adjusting the height and structure of the jumps. These same cardboard tubes were used for a variety of obstacle courses they created as well. Look around your house and challenge your kids to find creative ways to stay active.

Post pictures on the Curiosity Untamed/Quest Clubs Forum or the Frontier Girls Forum on Facebook to share the creative ways you get active this month.

Glitter Bugs Monthly Update

by Cassi Jensen

Glitterbugs is a virtual troop for adult women ages 18+ that meets twice a month online. We have approximately 32 members in the Facebook group, and between three to seven members per meeting join us for virtual meetings.  So far this year we have worked on the following badges: CourageLiterary Heroines, and the Book Club badge reading All Creatures Great and Small.

Glitterbugs utilizes Google Classrooms, Google Docs, and Facebook to update each other on progress, along with the twice monthly meetings to help guide and support each other. 

The next few meeting schedules are the following.

  • February 14: First check-in for Badge work. We will discuss awards, badges, and badge work we still need to complete as a group.
  • February 28: Dragons in Literature and Mythological Creature badge 
  • March 13: Watercolor/ Coloring/ Color. We will cover these badges while creating a personal project of your choice to complete the craft requirements of the Dragons in Literature and Mythology creature badges. 
  • March 27:  Holistic Wellness   
  • April 9:  Loom Bands
  • April 23: We will have a special guest speaker to teach the ASL badge. Becky S, who is an audiologist with education and training in Deaf culture and education, and is also part of the Deaf/ hard of hearing community will be joing us.

We would also like to congratulate Jay Ringrose on earning her fourth WOW Award!

Winter Wildlife Tracking – Earn your Animal Tracking Badge

The winter months are the perfect time to learn about animal tracking and to earn your Animal Tracking Badge. Teaching kids the art of animal tracking cultivates heightened awareness and observation skills. In a fast-paced world, this badge encourages a slower, more deliberate pace, helping children focus on the intricate details of their surroundings. Tracking not only sharpens visual acuity but also instills patience and attentiveness—a valuable skill set in a world that often demands instant gratification.

Winter weather creates the perfect conditions for easy tracking. Rain creates mud which can provide nice deep tracks as the animals sink into it. Standing water and mud can also create tracks as animals walk through puddles then onto smooth surfaces such as concrete or car hoods. In snowy areas, the crisp, cold air preserves tracks in the snow, providing a clear canvas to identify and analyze various imprints. The absence of foliage allows for unobstructed visibility, making it easier to spot signs of wildlife movement as well.

The Farmer’s Almanac has a great resource chart for identifying a wide range of tracks. From the tiny prints of a white footed mouse to the giant prints of the black bear, they will help you identify which animal passed your way. They also suggest tracking in the early morning or late in the day when shadows make prints easier to see.

So get outside, enjoy nature and learn about the animals that surround you.


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